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Svyatihersk Lavra, bombs on the Holy Dormition Monastery in the 16th century. Zelensky’s wrath –

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Attack on the Wooden Temple of All Saints in the Svyatohersk Lavra, one of the most famous Orthodox monasteries in the Donetsk region. The President: “60 children are inside.” Moscow: “And they were the Ukrainians”

from our reporter

Uman (Western Ukraine) – The cultural, religious and architectural heritage of Ukraine is still a victim of the war unleashed by the Russian invasion that began 101 days ago. This time it is the magnificent old wooden structure of All Saints, in the complex of the Sviatohirsk Lavra, one of the most famous Orthodox monasteries in the Donetsk region, right in the heart of the disputed Donbass.

Zelensky’s accusations

Some bombs hit in the morning, and the entire central body is on fire: the bell towers, the towers, and the upper part of the basilica are burning. Whose fault is it? Moscow and Kiev deny any responsibility and accuse each other. “Another crime committed by the Russian barbarians, who do not respect the sacred,” Yury Kochevenko, the Ukrainian army officer at once, wrote on Facebook, attaching several photos of the monastery burning like a match. The Kyiv government confirms the fire, adding that at the time of the bombing of the monastery there were more than 300 displaced people. President Zelensky denounces via Telegram: “The occupiers know what they are bombing. They know that there are no soldiers in the area of ​​the monastery, only 300 lay people have taken refuge, including 60 children. But the Russians bombed it anyway, like the rest of Donbass.

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Moscow version

The defense Ministry of Moscow directly accuses the Ukrainian “nationalist forces” and especially the soldiers of the 79th airborne assault brigade. According to local sources, incendiary bullets were fired from a powerful machine gun mounted on an armored vehicle of the Kozak type, we read with the addition that at the moment the Russian units will not operate in the Deir area. Specifically to avoid damaging it.

History from the sixteenth century to the Bolsheviks

However, the damage is very serious. The first written references to the monastery date back to 1527. In 1827 Catherine II wanted it closed, but it was soon reopened until the Russian Revolution of 1917. In 1922, the Bolshevik government imposed its closure and wanted to convert it into a civilian structure. Post in 2004 of the Kyiv Patriarchate associated with the Patriarchate of Patriarch Kirill in Moscow. In recent months, the monastic complex has been bombed several times with bombs. Today it is the turn of the wooden structure for Halloween. On March 12, the main body was hit by the Russian Air Force and for the second time on May 4, when 7 displaced civilians were injured. And again on June 2, when two more civilians lost their lives.

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