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The world of Italian cinema is devastated: the great actor is gone: it happened in these hours

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24 – Haddad

The famous actor and the world of cinema passed away, mourning with his family members. He wasn’t even 60 years old

there The death of a famous actor It affects the audience almost like a family. Especially when it comes to famous faces, like the great one passed away recently Gina LollobrigidaWhich left a huge void in Italian cinema.

But Italian cinema is crying again, and this time a man is leaving, famous above all for his roles in films whose theme is the world of organized crime and the fight against the mafia, but not only.

The death of a well-known actor

He is the one who left us in the last few hours Holly Blaina, a famous actor although the name may not immediately pop into his face. He fell ill when he wasn’t even 60, he was actually 58, Sicilian by birth, and the movie marked his debut repentant in 1985. Since then, he has worked mostly, as mentioned, in films with a certain theme fight the mafia and l organized crime.

One from each sect octopus, which featured him in both the fifth and seventh seasons. But there are many other monikers that need to be mentioned, and they are impressive The boys are out From 1990Accompanying Don Melanie – Ex-Barbiana In 1997. Then again A story of boys and girls Directed by the greats Bobby Avati. But not only.

Holly Blaina It has also appeared in titles such as Nazareth – lest we forgetVarious series, such as: Paolo Borsellino in 2004 or again Antimafia Squad, Police District, Res. In recent years he has had a role in the series red door With Pillow Linensas someone will remember him as Michael Rizzo. A few months ago he participated in the novel the hunter, set in Sicily.

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Santo Bellena at The Hunter-Lineadiretta24 (web source)

Farewell letters

Holly Blaina He passed away in the past few hours and there are many letters from those who wanted to remember him and express their condolences to the family, among those who had the pleasure of working with him and who instead followed him on his career, becoming passionate about his roles.

In addition to television and film, he was also a stage actor, e.g Gabriel PeriniArtistic Director of the Great Concert of Dihjah Theatre Castelbuono Regional City Award He remembers it this way: “We will miss your sense of humor, your professionalism but above all the enthusiasm you encountered in every moment of our event.” Good-bye, Holly Blaina.

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