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Ice Hockey League Bolzano Fox Linz 3-2

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The red and white won the decisive seventh game in the quarterfinals thanks to a goal from Gazzly in overtime.

With the power of despair, Bolzano separates the ticket to the semi-finals of the ice hockey league. At the end of a tough game in Game 7, the Red and White defeated reckless Linz and the Granites 3-2 in overtime thanks to a Dustin Gazely goal.

A lightning start for Linz who immediately took the lead after 23 inches through Logan Roe with a shot from the blue that caught Sam Harvey by surprise. It’s a cold shower for Bolzano. At 8’05, the first power play of the guests comes due to a foul sought at all costs by the referee against Enrico Miglioranzi for a non-existent stick hook, on the counterattack by a Linz player. Bolzano reacts and does not allow the Austrians to double. At a time when Bolzano was pressing in a desperate search for an equalizer, as the match stopped, the far goalkeeper hit the red-and-white striker with his stick: the first advantage of the players of Glenn Hanlon, which, however, did not lead anywhere. We started the second half with Linz leading with a goal.
After 2′ of the second half, Bolzano hit the crossbar with Domenico Alberga. At the next stoppage, the hosts ask for video evidence to check whether the puck entered Alberga’s shot or not, but the referee did not decide which goal. At 6’59 Andreas Kristler goes to the penalty bench to hit him with a stick and Bolzano tries again with the extra man to find the equaliser, but once again the goal joy for the red and white is denied by the post, in addition to the constant interruptions to the match for Tyronen’s goal movement – four in a row – which the referees never sanctioned, Not even the most obvious. At 16’20’, Matt Fratin’s flight pushes Bolzano into inferiority, but Luca Frigo steals the puck out of the blue and flies alone into the opponent’s goal, punching a hole in Tironen in the seven. There was no time for joy as Linz regained the advantage with a shot out of the blue from Andreas Kristler nothing Harvey covered it.We go to second rest again with Bolzano under the goal.The third break that starts with the Bolzano striker, but he misses the possibility of equalizing in numerical superiority due to a foul by Wolfe and Brad McClure responded by also sitting on the penalty bench and for Bolzano he still suffers But when all seemed lost, the draw came with a steal goal in front of goal by Dustin Jazzly (. And so began the longest 6 minutes of the Sparkas Arena stadium that became a pool of fire. Bolzano’s last chance in front of goal. Halmo, who tries with a backhand kick, but Tironen saves once Another one goes into overtime, and 40 seconds later comes a cry of liberation with Dustin Gazzly’s superb goal turning Sparkas Arena into incredible fanfare and Bolzano into the semi-finals.[Vs]

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HC Bolzano ALPERIA-BLACK WINGS LINZ 3-2 (0-1), (1-1), (1-0), (1-0 OW).
HC Bolzano: Harvey (Bernard), Culkin, Miglioranzi, C. Hults, Dalhuisen, Valentine, Di Perna, Ginetti, Brunner, Frattin, M. Hults, Thomas, Halmo, McClure, Gazley, Frigo, Maintained, Frank, Felicetti, Alberga Mycelial. Coach: Glenn Hanlon.

HC LINZ: Tyronen (Hunkel), Rowe, Schomnig, Murphy, Dorion, Wolf, Todd, Rapold, Schnitzer, Leibler, Haga, Javal, St. Amant, Knott, Lahouda, Kristler, Stewart, Broker, Mitch, Posnik, Brettschneider. Coach: Lucas Philip.

Referees: Ofner, Sternat/Nothegger, Seewald

Networks: 1 t. 0’23” Row (L); 2 T. Fridge 37’28” (B), 38’02” Kristler (L); 3 T. 54’01” Jazzly (B); Overtime 0’44 “Jazzly (m).

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