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Denis Tito will return to space, to the moon, with a SpaceX Starship

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Dennis Tito forward space tourist It will be hosted aboard the International Space Station in 2001 with a flight aboard a Soyuz capsule (for a total of just under 8 days in orbit). Now Tito himself, who is over 80 years old, is ready to return to space, and has propelled himself beyond low Earth orbit thanks to a commercial mission aboard. SpaceX Starship rocket.

The announcement came yesterday evening by the company Elon Musk And the space tourist himself, specifying some details of the mission. In addition to Starlink, contracts with NASA and other government and international customers, investor funding (company not included), manned commercial missions (currently with Crew Dragon) is another method. SpaceX To collect money. Examples include billionaire Jared Isaacman’s Inspiration4 and Polaris or contracts with Axiom Space.

Dennis Tito: Mission in the Moon’s Orbit with SpaceX Starship

according to As mentioned From SpaceXThe mission will include a total of twelve crew members with the first two seats purchased by the same team Dennis Tito and his wife Akiko Tito In the summer of 2021. The other ten currently unassigned jobs should not remain empty for long given the interest there is in this type of operation. Of course, it wouldn’t be cheap tickets considering that missions in low Earth orbit cost about $30 million.

Dennis Tito SpaceX Starship

Ship 24 and Booster 7 have been assembled in Boca Chica for the past few hours (source)

The company wrote it “The Titus family has joined the mission to contribute to SpaceX’s long-term goal of advancing human spaceflight and helping make life multi-currency.”. Duration of the task, taking advantage of a SpaceX spacecraft, it would last a week and there would be no lunar landing because it would involve the use of other systems and an unsustainable surcharge (not even for the wealthy). However, no price details have been leaked.

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The orbit of the spacecraft will allow it to reach the lowest altitude between them 40 km Which 200 km From The surface of the moon Then to return to the earth and the earth. Also according to the announcements, priority in time will be given to the cherished Yusaku Maezawa mission which will be the first private commercial mission to reach lunar orbit (again without a lunar landing). Earlier, there would be Polaris III from Isaacman who would take advantage of it Starship but “Just” In Low Earth Orbit (LEO).

Dennis Tito Ice

Always according to the information published Currently There is no specific release date yet but it won’t happen “Short term” (Maybe after 2023). Dennis Tito He also said he expects better tests on SpaceX spacecraft What happened with Soyuz in the early twentieth century. We don’t know if the launch will take place from the Kennedy Space Center or from Starbase (Boca Chica), but in both places there will be at least one launch tower, one already built in Texas (under testing) and the other under construction testing in Florida. Because of the large mass of Starship Refueling will also be required in low Earth orbit, such as in the Artemis lunar lander.

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