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Reform Party of the Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kalas, one of the most outspoken supporters of Ukraine in Europe, is on her way to a landslide victory In the general election held on Sunday. Class faced Challenging the far-right populist party EKRE, which seeks to reduce the Baltic state’s exposure to the Ukrainian crisis and blames the current government for the country’s high inflation rate.

The party of the outgoing prime minister received 32% of the vote He sees attendance in Parliament increase by 4 seats (total 101 seats). Runner-up, party far right, retracts instead to 15% and lose two seats in the National Assembly. Kaja Class will need to form a coalition to have a majority but The political direction presented by the Estonian electorate is clear: calls to maintain the pro-European line and full support for Ukraine and to stop the aggressive threat posed by neighboring Russia.

Half of the votes were cast electronically: The Baltic country is among the most advanced in Europe in the use of new technologies for state tasks and bureaucracy.

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