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The US women’s soccer team will be compensated more than $20 million for wages it has not received in the past

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United States national football team players Because they arrived From their federation more than $20 million in compensation for lost wages in the past, as well as a commitment – again by the federation – to achieve pay equality with the men’s national team: a measure, the latter, has already been adopted in Norway, Australia and the Netherlands. The agreement should put an end to the dispute that began six years ago and compensate former and current players with a third of the amount initially required. Compensation criteria and methods will be determined in the coming months.

Unlike the men’s national team, which is still struggling to qualify for the World Cup, the US women’s team consists of the best active players and has won four of the eight World Cups to date. Over the years, the women’s national team’s successes have created a huge following and made players among the most popular sports in the country. According to some of them in 2016 – representing the entire movement – during these successes they could have received discriminatory treatment, receiving less pay than the men’s national team. Cindy Barlow Kohn, Federal President for two years, commented on the agreement, “It wasn’t easy to get to, but the most important thing is that we’re moving forward and moving forward together.”

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