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Diocese: Udine, Don Daniele Antonello, new director of “La Vita Cattolica” and “Radio Spazio”. Giovanni Lisa at the head of the University of California

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The process of media relaunch that began some time ago by the Diocese of Udine is rich with a new and crucial element. In fact, there are two designations related to the telecom sector. Don Daniele Antonello will be the new director of the weekly diocese “La Vita Cattolica” and for Radio Spazio. The leadership of the Diocesan Office for Social Communications was also renewed and entrusted to Giovanni Lisa.
Freelance journalist since 2003, Don Danielle Antonello – born in 1979 and ordained priest in 2011 – holds a Master’s degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Trieste and a BA in Pastoral Theology in Milan. In addition to various radio experiences, he co-hosted with Anna Buzzi, on Telefrioli, the television program “The Look of the Soul”, edited by the Diocese of Udine. Currently, the parish priest of Bagnaco and Plino, as well as the director of the Diocesan Youth Service Office, Don Antonello will leave these positions to take over the Diocesan Media Department and the Inter-diocesan School of San Chromazio de Castellirio in September 2022. The priest Mgr. Guido Janeiro who has been leading the diocesan media since August 2017.
As for the diocesan office for social contacts, Grazia Fuccaro – director appointed in 1996 by then Archbishop Alfredo Battisti, editor of the diocesan weekly since the 1980s and co-founder with Mgr. Duilio Corgnali from Radio Spazio in 1993 – It would be Giovanni Lisa. The thirty-three-year-old is a freelance journalist, holding a degree in Multimedia Communication and Information Technology from the University of Udine. Since 2012 he has been working in the secretariat of the diocesan office for the care of youth, a service that he will leave at the end of the summer pastoral activities. Lesa is already collaborating with the Office of Social Communications, particularly with regard to digital communications for the Archdiocese. Since 2018, he has also collaborated with the diocese weekly “La Vita Cattolica”. Journalist Anna Beuzi, editor of the diocesan weekly and Radio Spazio, will continue to oversee the diocesan press office.

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