June 10, 2023

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Christmas as Leaders for Varese Hockey: In Pergine the Mastiffs are looking for affirmations

The sweetest Christmas. Today, December 25th, the most anticipated party of the year is being lived with even greater enthusiasm by the Mastiffs becauseHCMV Varese Hockey It’s there, in The highest international humanitarian lawAnd no one (at least in the first stage of the regular season) will be able to undermine him. Not even this Pergine On November 5, he broke the Acinque Ice Arena with a 4-2 win He scored the only yellow-and-black defeat in his last thirteen matches; In fact, that “spot” should be removed. tomorrow night when, in 18.45 The Mastiffs will visit both the Reds and the Whites for the 18th and final day of the tournament.

Lynx certainly isn’t having the best moment (two knockouts in their last two fights), but they remain one Massive discount who will give who Tough time for the Mastiff Also the next day Master tours Which will start on January 6th and will witness Varese to deal with Two towersAnd the KalternAnd the toplash And the Ebanthe Fantastic Five who actually won a qualifying pass before long.

Tomorrow’s game will be A very important test bench to keep Coach Davies’ team on track In view of the tour of strength that will accompany the gialloneri between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023: on December 30 and January 3, an appointment with Round of 16 of the Italian Cup (Milan? The decision will be made on Tuesday, December 27, ed.) And then, in parallel with the main round, there will be the quarter-finals of the Cup, which, most likely, Mastiffs will easily reach; Wanting to find yellow and black again on the weekend between January 21st and 22nd with The last four.

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As always, one step at a time: the next goal is Close the tournament in style Confirming exponential growth I crossed from the start of the season to this part, and to do so Varese will always be able to count onInexhaustible support from Mastiff Forever: Two yellow and black buses They are ready to leave Castronno motorway service station at 1.15pm to write another beautiful page from this year so far worth framing.

With the Master Round games already closed, other challenges will move to the ice just to complete the first IHL ranking. Speech is still open for second place with Kaltern Who wants to establish themselves behind the Mastiff at -3; Even in the event of a tie ending, Caldaro will be behind his loss direct clashes (because in the main round, the usual division of points by three, rounded to the bottom, will be carried out). Luccis is going to visit Valplice with the aim of saving toplashawaits the challenge of dall’insidiosissima v Valdivimi; The Yellow and Black have seen their hopes of making it to the Master Round fade and will be a real loose cannon to avoid given the playoffs. Eban He wants to prove himself at the top: winning in exchange for a butt lift attach It could give more awareness to hackers yet Defeat Varese; direct confrontation between How do And the Brixen To decide who will be in seventh place.

Matthew Carraro