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Delfino represents “Manita” and the demons “thorn” the ghosts of Padova with a score of 9-3

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MC Control Diavoli Vicenza confirmed the prediction and won the three points over Ghosts Padova by 9-3, at the end of the head and heart test, holding the match ball throughout the match and holding it. Opponents are always at a safe distance. Padova tried to keep up with the Vicenza players, trying to take advantage of the power of play, but on Saturday evening in the main role match, the Devils took control of the match and the score without any risk, even if goalkeeper Orlando was busy several times and I always found him ready.
A very good performance by the whole team who shot well, controlled the defence, created many chances, hit the post twice and made a presentation with some written actions and conclusions. Five goals for striker Delfino, ranked 9 in red and white, who put in a strong showing and came back strong, with goals from Pace, Dal Sasso, Sigmund and Nicolas Frigo.

First half: VICENZA-PADOVA, 6-2
The beginning of the sprint sprint demons who immediately intend to clarify who is responsible: two goals in just over two minutes, Pace and Delfino in power play, a launch pole and a missile. Guests don’t watch, but Vicenini closes well, thanks to the attentive and reactive Olando. Vicenza moves to fifth again and in more than a minute a trio drops: Dal Sasso, with the help of millimeters from Sigmund, Delfino, with a nice finish and Sigmund, this time with a pass from the red and white player who returned in his favour. . Padova called time to stop the attacks of the Vicenza players and in the second half, Sigmund harnessed the power of play and shortened it with Elijah Kalor. Then a superb goal from Delfino who hit the decisive pass from Dal Sasso and earned the applause by lifting his side to 6-1. New Devils penalty kick, from Francon, Orlando is beaten twice, but the ghosts insist and go online again, this time with Lorenzo Campola. Vicenza tries to regain the distance, but there is Lanier.

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Second half: VICENZA-PADOVA, 3-1
In the second half the pace drops a bit, but not Vicenza’s determination who goes straight to the net with Delfino and sticks to Lanier several times more than the leggings and somehow saves himself. The fifth goal of striker Delfino and then the goal of Nicolas Frigo, who made the score 9-2. But Padova is not there, cut short with Francesco Campola and in the last minutes is still Vicenza, Francon’s magnate, and the siren for a beautiful and deserved victory.

TABLE – Mc Control Diavoli Vicenza – Ghosts Padua, 9-3 (6-2)
Mac Control Diavoli Vicenza: Frigo M, Orlando, Cantell, Francon, Delfino, Tabanelli, Centofanti, Austinani, Sigmund, Pace, Frigo N, Trevisan, Dal Sasso. Shepherd Maran F.
Ghosts of Padua: Lanner, Vicentini, Color C, Color E, Campula F, Campula L, Caretta, Bagnoni, Caron, Xanit, Zorzo, Petropon. Cantell R. herds.
Referees: Slaviero and Rigoni D. RETI: pt 1.26 Pace (V), 2.32 Delfino (V) pp, 5.30 Dal Sasso (V), 5.59 Delfino, 6.59 Sigmund (V), 9.44 Calore E. (P) pp, 12.33 Delfino (V) 16.36 36 Campulla L. (P) pp; Saint: 20.57 Delfino (F), 25.39 Delfino (F), 28.49 Frigo’s Inn (F), 29.23 Kampola F. (P).

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