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Do you always wake up tired? Science knows why: Follow these tips

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Sleep is one of life’s best pleasures, but routine and stress can often affect this magical moment. However, science has clearly identified what factors influence sleep quality, and has gone to great lengths to improve it.

In a world in constant motion, sleep is often considered a waste of time to reduce it as much as possible, ignoring all the benefits it brings to the body, including reducing stress and preventing the onset of diseases.

How to sleep better –

How do you sleep well?

Scientists have been interested in the topic of sleep for years, studying and analyzing not only the positions taken to fall asleep, but also the quality of the pillow and mattress, as well as external conditions that have an impact on the quality of sleep.

Good rest ensures the body a state of physical and mental well-being, improves memory, increases creativity, improves attention, reduces the risk of depression and is stronger, able to face the challenges of the day.

According to some studies, most people prefer to sleep on their side, even in the fetal position, and maintain a high quality of sleep, less awakening and fewer breathing problems than those who sleep lying on their back.

During the night, changes in position can be frequent, to deal with the discomfort, pain, or discomfort associated with the assumed position. These movements also prevent pressure sores, so they are very important.

Due to the variety of characteristics that can change from person to person, there is no better way to sleep, not least because age, weight, environment, and physical condition can greatly affect sleep quality.

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How to improve sleep
Positions, pillows and mattresses for better sleep – pixabay

What pillow and mattress give you the best comfort?

Although there are no studies available regarding the best sleeping positions to take, there is plenty of research on the quality, shape, and material of pillows and mattresses.

A pillow, for example, should provide proper head and neck support to avoid damage to the spine and severe muscle pain, as well as joint stiffness.

The shape, size and height of the pillows and mattresses can really affect the quality of your comfort, and depending on everyone’s needs, you can choose to buy more or less high or firm mattresses and U or U-shaped kitchens. Those who want to reduce neck discomfort, especially those who suffer from pain chronic;

Support at the level of the knees is also very beneficial for the correct position of the skeleton, which supports the normal position of the joints.

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