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Transeunte land in Noci monastery: a transitional space with 18 artists – photo 1 of 4

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Bari – From April 30 to May 29, 2022, for the first time, the Dominican monastery of Nosi transforms into a contemporary exhibition space with works and installations

Dialogue with surrounding space and objects, crystallized past and present to be captured, paused, and expanded over time. This is “Transeunte_Spazio in Transizione_”, the exhibition of eighteen contemporary artists who conceived, designed and created their works starting from the expanses of part of the Dominican monastery in Noci (Ba).

The group exhibition opens on Saturday 30 April at 6 pm in the San Domenico Complex, via Republica, Nose (BA) and is attended by: Mariantonita Bagliato, Roberto Canarelli, Alessandro Caroli, Maria Grazia Carreiro, Angela Consoli, Paolo Tinella, Piero de Palma, Natalia Dimitrijević, Rosario Ana Dorm Maroni, Mirco Matarant, Pierpaolo Micules, Michela Neglia, Fabrizio Ricciardi, Marialuisa Sorrentino, Riccardo Pavone, Francesca Speranza, Francesco Straponi.

Through the diversity of contemporary artistic languages, from painting to sculpture and installation, and from graphic to video and photography, the interventions that create astonishment and reflection in a game that combines presence and absence, to be walked in the rooms of this dating from the middle of the sixteenth century and which was used with The passage of time for various purposes (prison, school, barracks, hospital, library, housing for military forces, shelter and nursing home).

The technical and organizational team worked closely with the surrounding space and the physical elements within it. The artists used, shared and included in their works everything that was in the spaces of the monastery: neglected or forgotten personal things, old memories of bygone times, and for this reason full of magic.

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The result for visitors is a unique experience that allows them to freely explore each space and understand its changing – indeed, moving – identity. The collection, sponsored by Nicola Zito and Angela Conte, was organized by the Achrome Association in Bari in cooperation with the Municipality of Noci – Department of Culture.

The project specifically aims to recreate a space with a centuries-old history for the city, giving it a renewed face, an outgrowth of a profound and unprecedented language of contemporary art. This process of improvement aims to redevelop and at the same time transform such a privileged place of the city into a place of observation and reflection on the past, the present and above all the future. The exhibition will be open until May 29, from Thursday to Saturday from 17 to 20 and on Sundays from 10 to 13 and from 17 to 20.

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