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Pictures of the new game leaked on the net, and is it also a new version under development? –

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What appears to be valid? Pictures The new main series game fire emblemWhich according to rumors could hit stores sooner than we think. A leaker who shared the footage also states that A Fire Emblem 4 Remake.

The leak comes from redditor miamsadelta, who shared the offensive images on Imgur, which you can view in the gallery below. The Deep Throat states that the shots are of an old design and therefore do not represent the quality of the end game. As we can see, the blue-and-red-haired hero mentioned by Emily Rogers is also present, who revealed yesterday that work on the next game in the Fire Emblem series has already been completed and that Gust, the authors of the JRPG Atelier saga, made a significant contribution to the artistic and graphic sector of the title.

Fire Emblem Leak Pictures

miasmadelta confirmed the information shared by Rogers, also adding that in the new Fire logo there will be Many new characters And the mechanics that allow you to add characters from previous games in the series to your team is less invasive than many think.

Given all the information that has surfaced in the past few days and the images above, it’s reasonable at this point to expect the official announcement of the new Fire logo during the upcoming Nintendo Direct, which could air on June 29, according to Alanah Pearce.

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