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Microsoft: Xbox lost 30% in the third quarter, and the cloud is growing

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console sales Xbox They charged 30% losses during Third quarter Fiscal year 2023: A worrying result for the division led by Phil Spencer, although Microsoft has managed to catch up thanks to cloud growth.

Specifically, Redmond House had total revenue of $52.9B and net revenue of $18.3B, which is +7% and +9% compared to the same quarter of 2022. Global So the company closed with a positive resultHowever, some sectors are facing obvious difficulties.

A few days ago, there was talk of a collapse in Xbox Series X | sales S in Europe last quarter, so results are kind of up in the air but it looks like even the Windows OEM division, ie monetary Regarding the possibility of entering the operating system on desktop and laptop computers, it has seen a sharp decline of -28%.

In this case, one is to blame General downturn in the PC marketwhich was down 30% year-over-year and hit Microsoft with a 30% decline in hardware-related revenue, which includes the Surface lineup as well as HoloLens and accessories.

Back to the Xbox division, not everything has a minus: Contents and services grew 3% thanks to Game Pass, but the Games division lost 4% globally: Microsoft sold less Xbox Series X and S over Christmas than in 2022, and it appears that The trend continued into the last quarter.

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