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The Caprarica Prophecy After the Death of Queen Elizabeth – Libero Quotidiano

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Antonio Caprica He is one of the leading Italian experts in the affairs of the English royal family. So it’s no surprise that Paulo Del Dipio wants him to do it face and back, in Rete4, the day Queen Elizabeth died. The latter died at the age of 96, 70 of whom ascended the throne: her health suddenly worsened, and her family members rushed to Balmoral’s house to greet the latter.

Caprica commented, “She will forever be Queen – because there will never be another with the same characteristics, with her sense of service and responsibility, and her dignity. This is a woman who, at the age of 21, made a promise to serve her people until their last breath: she literally fulfilled that promise.” She appointed her 15th prime minister on September 6 and then left.”

In the afternoon, when news of the death was not yet official, Caprarica also spoke to about what would happen after the Queen’s departure: “For three days London will be completely banned, then there will still be months of national mourning between the death of the King and the new settlement. Nobody knows when Charles will be officially crowned, what is certain is that he will be king immediately upon the death of his mother.”

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