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“Cupido on the Road” in Modugno: Love is not an exact science

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“Street artist. Modern vocalist. People are distracted passing by. The look that is then captured in a note, and here it catches their eye. It is presented as a movie about those well-known life stories. Not far away, confused among the crowd attending the singer-songwriter’s performance, here is Cupid and… Surprise! Cupid, throw off Botino’s clothes, armed with a bow and arrows. Currently. She is a wonderful girl, between one song and another, between stories and reflections and some advice, she gives us that passion, the crushing, the desire, the agony that love is, and she reminds us that love is not an exact science….” This is the plot of the musical. Cupid on the road. Born from the pen of Bari’s Ersilia Cacace, to musician Marco Laccone, the concert will take place tomorrow, August 10, at 8 p.m., at San Pio Park in Modugno.

the offer Cupid on the road It is one of the events promoted by the Universidade del Zote for the Third Age to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Provincial Act of July 26, 2002, n. 14, on «Interventions to support the activities carried out by popular universities and the elderly». The musical brings its formative power as a dowry, passing through the unpublished writing of screenwriter Cacas, which is turned onto the scene by the performers: Marco Lacon singer-songwriter and music composer, Rosanna Cassano as Cupid and Mariangela Massarelli as the dancing angel. On stage the amazing power of feelings of love.

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