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Long Island suspected serial killer who was going to kill at least 3 women arrested: Stuck in a pizza

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Perhaps a long page of American crime news has reached a dramatic turning point: the police have arrived A man was arrested He thinks he’s famous Long Island serial killerwhich over the years More than 10 women were killed and disappeared. He would be an architect and it was a pizza box that framed it.

Is Rex Hermann the Long Island serial killer?

The police and the prosecutor’s office are convinced of this Suffolk Countywho recently arrested him By 59-year-old architect Rex Hermann. To the investigators and grand jury who brought the charges against you, He is the perpetrator of at least three murders.

Refers to the case being investigated and convicted The so-called Gilgo FourFour dead women are found in a city New York State in 2010. Everyone showed the common signs of violence which is why it was assumed that they were killed by the same person.

A crowd of journalists outside Rex Herrmann’s home during the authorities’ investigation

However, there would be much more to it than that: In the following months the remains of seven more victims were found, adding to the “fame” of the Long Island serial killer, also known as Craigslist Ripperwhich is believed to have Killed between 10 and 16 women in about twenty years.

He was caught thanks to a box of pizza

According to what was reported in these hours by external sources, he was the decisive factor in the breakthrough of the investigations. pizza box. He recovered in Manhattan, possibly during a police hangover I used DNA traces found on cardboard To compare with other artifacts found on the victims.

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His DNA will match that found in at least three of the victims, which is why he has currently been charged in three of the four murders linked to the Gilgo Four. The 59-year-old architect pleaded not guilty, but the judge denied it The arrest was verified on Friday, July 15, 2023.

In addition to this evidence, there are other elements against him: phone traffic detected on his phone links him to the victims, and all of the murders occurred during periods when his wife and children were away from home.

killing Maureen Brainard Barnes It dates back to 2007, and it is from Melissa Barthelemy To 2009 and then to 2010 death Megan Waterman And Amber Costello. All of their bodies were found in 2010, along with other bodies that remain unidentified for all these years.

The story is told in the movie Lost Girls

As often happens in the infamous cases of American Crime News (just think of… horoscopes oral Milwaukee Monsterthe latest in a hit Netflix series), the story of the Long Island serial killer has been told through several formats, including documentaries, movies, and TV series.

Among the latest productions there is also the movie distributed by Netflix, girls lostfocus on the disappearance Shannan Gilbert mother’s attempts Mary (played by Amy Ryan) to find it. His case brought to light the wave of unsolved murders on Long Island.

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