December 9, 2023

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Canada, Rossi Group acquires platinum track service: rails wear tricolor

Canadian rails carry the Italian flag, and the Platinum Track service is best served by GFC’s major partner, the Rossi Group (General Costruzioni Ferroviarie), who specializes in railway weapons, electrification and signaling. Internationally. The acquisition of the company, which has been providing services to all railway operators in Canada for three generations, took place through GCF Canada Railwork, a Canadian subsidiary. The operation was owned and led by “Platinum Track Services Inc. – a GCF Group” Italian. The Rossi Group’s strategic development investments in the North American market, which receives 40% of its revenues from overseas, are joined by other recent acquisitions of Delcord Rail, the Delcor Group’s flagship company, last fall. Operates in the Railway Construction and Maintenance Division in France and is headquartered in Sant’Elena di Silea, near Treviso, with 120 employees. Turnover of 20.5 million euros. The Rossi Group also owns Gefer, which operates the railway superstructure industry around the world, and was formed in 1947 by Attilio Rossi. , Three years later he, along with his brother Luigi, would have founded General Kostrujoni Ferroviari in Rome and died last year at the age of 98.

General Castrozioni Ferrovieri – with its headquarters in Rome and offices in Toronto, Bologna, Milan and a workshop in Novi Ligur, has it abroad, as well as in Canada, France, Denmark, Switzerland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Morocco and Kosovo – in the latter country. Is involved in the reconstruction of Route 10, which was damaged by the 1990s Balkan conflict with the Central Railway artery connecting the country to northern Serbia and southern Macedonia. 47 47.9 million contract for the reconstruction of the railway section between Fushe Kosove and Mitrovice and specifically 5 stations (Mitrovice, Vushtri, Druar, Prelluzhe, Obiliq-Kastriota). The Eto’o Rossi-led company’s commitment to Kosovo began signing a 78.6 million euro agreement on Lot 1 in February 2019. The Fuche Kosov-Honey Ellipse Division toward the Macedonian border: the 67-kilometer line (45% of the Kosovar section 10 of the railroad) will be significantly rebuilt. A complex project – more than 50% completed to date – involves routine work on the railway superstructure, interventions and renovation of tunnels at 5 stops, station bridges (Frasher, Pantine, Vernice, Mihaliq, Plemetin) buildings, all the necessary infrastructure for 16 passenger docks and stations Must be newly built or newly built. Today Generale Costruzioni Ferroviarie, with 4 Italian offices and 7 overseas branches, was founded in 1950 by Attilio and Luigi Rossi as a company specializing in railway construction. Transformed as a limited liability company in the early 1980s and spa in the 1990s, it is now the reference company of the Rossi Group. The last few years have been very important for the growth of GCF. Significant investments in highly productive machinery and technology, human resource organization and training and expertise, acquisition of leading companies and organizations operating in the arms (Voltetera), electric traction and signal (Frate Elettroimpianti, Bonciani) integrated in the railway, metro and tram sectors worldwide Given the GCF tools, skills and knowledge that allow the company to undertake projects and ready-made contracts.

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