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Football, Cerignola wins the derby with Monopoly and flies to the National Playoffs

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CERINOLLA – Cerinola triumphed in the national stage of the Serie A qualifiers, where Pazzenza’s side beat Monopoli 2-1, in a derby full of energy and passion. Sweaty and suffered success for ofantini. For the people of Bari, greater brilliance on a physical level was not enough. The first half was more tactical and judicious between the competitors, as the monopolists were more determined to fight the match, because they were adjudged to win to continue the playoffs. However, the hosts opened the score with a deft free kick from Sainz Maza in the 38th minute. At the end of the first half, Monopoli equalized, but Fella’s goal was disallowed due to the irregular position of the green-white player.

The draw is only postponed until the start of the second half, when in the 50th minute Vetritti finds the right glimmer of action from a corner kick. On the wings of enthusiasm, the guests also doubled their lead, but once again Giannotti’s goal was disallowed due to his erratic position. The score remained in the balance, until the 93rd minute D’Ausilio made the final 2-1 which made the Monterici stadium explode with joy. Tomorrow will be known as the next opponent from Cerignola in the national stage of the playoffs, with the dream of Serie B still alive.

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