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Conference: Review of the new Netflix movie

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Conference review
Courtesy of Netflix/Robert Eldrim

For better entry Scary seasonIn the weeks leading up to Halloween, is there anything better than watching a horror movie! Netflix Added new content dedicated to the occasion: in addition to mini-series The fall of Usher’s house There is also Conference. The Swedish film was directed by Patrick Eklund It is taken from the author’s novel of the same name Mats Strandberg, includes some classic elements of slasher horror: a group of people in the middle of the woods, a psychopathic killer trying to kill as many people as possible, and a mysterious atmosphere of suspense. In the cast we find personalities known only on the national scene: Adam Lundgren At Jonas’ place while Katja Winter (The boys) play the role of Lena.

Conference: The meeting that turns into a massacre

The film depicts a group of public servants intending to spend a few days in a building in the forest, with the aim of strengthening the relationship between colleagues and improving their productivity. In particular, the place they are staying is located in the city where the team is supposed to build a huge shopping mall. During the first part of theConference However, the first disagreements appear regarding the creation of the work and within the group itself: to obtain the land needed for construction, a farm was confiscated and its owner committed suicide soon after, some signatures were forged and many local citizens oppose it. trade Center.

However, things get dramatically worse when a mysterious killer starts roaming around the facility: the first to be hit are the local staff. But little by little, the guests will also be targeted by the masked killer. As night falls, the race for survival begins.

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Netflix conference
Courtesy of Netflix/Robert Eldrim

Horror that is not scary

Sometimes the horror genre turns out to be too segmental: you either love it or hate it. Those who love horror love the feeling of constant tension and adrenaline that can be felt while watching it. Movie like Conference Therefore, it cannot be appreciated by true fans of this type of film.

Although there are some typical elements of horror films, such as some tense music and a lot of blood, it does not convey to the viewer the suspense and horror typical of a film of this type. The plot also feels somewhat hackneyed, and at times unintentionally ridiculous. Even the disguise of the killer himself, which is intended to create a kind of sinister anxiety, does not achieve the effect of scaring the audience. The only real remaining element of horror is that there are many killings, but not as many as one might think.

Even the events themselves sometimes seem not very credible: the killer, an ordinary human being, is struck several times in the head with multiple weapons by some employees and workers. Although the mask could act as a shield, it is unlikely that a human would still be alive and fit enough to continue pursuing their victims undisturbed. The focal point of the pieces, such as horror Conferenceis specifically people being pursued by a homicidal maniac, but it is right that we have to maintain a certain logic in the development of events: the film may risk losing its credibility in the eyes of the audience.

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However, one of the interesting factors of the film is the alternation between suspense music and classical music pieces: among them we also find pieces from ballet music, as well as pieces from Coppélia. The result is sometimes an off-putting effect compared to the images that tell us so well what’s going on.

Courtesy of Netflix/Robert Eldrim

Toxic work climate

Climate within the working group Conference He immediately feels very nervous: although the President and Jonas try to act in an enthusiastic manner, they receive very little reaction from the others.

Disagreements also immediately emerged regarding the possibility of building the shopping center: according to some, it would have a negative impact on the environment, according to others, it may not lead to the desired economic results. The first element around which the initial tensions revolve is the signature of Lina, one of the employees, on documents denying any compensation to the owner of the land on which the mall will be built. The signature is forged, but Jonas turns the spotlight on Lena: he makes her doubt her memory, making her believe that due to stress she doesn’t remember how things really happened.

Throughout the film, Jonas’s true nature emerges: an arrogant, unscrupulous wolf who only cares about his own life and goals. Even in the most dangerous situations, he will not hesitate to abandon his colleagues to save himself.

Like Jonas, in fact, the organization itself is responsible for the construction of this work that has no scruples: they impose themselves on the construction despite the opposition of the local population and extract all ownership from a simple worker. It seems that this is why they pay with their lives. However, these themes are not explored in depth, they remain in the background and the film does not find its own identity.

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