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His memory is still alive

His memory is still alive

The memory of Carlo Verdoni is always present. The Romanian actor told an anecdote live about one of the people he cared about the most. That’s what it is.

He has long been considered one of the most beloved actors on the big screen, and one of those who have managed to be loved for generations and keep attention alive. During one of the episodes of The Band, where he was a member of the jury, he told a little background about one of the cult figures, which made him smile, as he just does.

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Every time Carlo Verdone It is on TV it is always a show. He managed not only to attract people’s attention with his films, which became giants of Italian cinema, but also with his stories. The actor often manages to be loved by the audience for his jokes and curiosity about his career.

The stories he likes to tell are the ones about him Sora at nightOr Elena Fabrizi, the sister of the famous actor Aldo. Verdone got back to talking about it exactly during the last episode of The Band, revealing a little background that no one knew about until that point.

Carlo Verdone tells about Sora by Night: A Tale from the Past

Carlo Verdone has always been considered the heir of Alberto SordiThis is because of its Roman character and its way of interpreting Italian cinema. Often he willingly decides to speak for himself and reveal something more about his past. There was more than one who cared about him Sora at nightWho played her grandmother in the historical movie white red and verdon 1981. The role that earned her David Di Donatello as Best Leading Actress.

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Although Elena was very popular in the world of cinema, as she acted in many comedies in the 1960s, her job was as a restaurateur. In fact, he managed to manage one trattoria I knew and they answered me well. From here, the story of the actor begins, remembering the depth friendship that linked them.

Verdone revealed, in fact, that the relationship with Sora Lella was so strong that the woman She would often call him to go eat at her restaurantwho did not spare herself for anyone and was always very generous with all the people who loved her.

He said his relationship with Sora Leela was so strong that he called him on Thursdays to tell him if he was going to the restaurant that there was gnocchi. Then, since they found themselves talking so well to each other, I called him the other days as well. And that was in 1984. And the next year he revealed that he came there Weighs 96 pounds.

A story that grabbed a smile from everyone who knew or heard of Elena Fabrizi at least once. a beautiful bond That remained in the heart of the actor, who does not miss an opportunity to tell certain tales.