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On Netflix 5 Italian films based on true stories.

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Discover these five films that tell true Italian stories in a big way. Tonight on Netflix Italian cinema is the protagonist.

Are you looking for an Italian movie to watch on Netflix? Tonight let yourself be conquered by one of the five films, all inspired by true stories that we suggest you see.

Italian cinema is full of poignant stories of love and passion taken from real life, in which the characters, immersed in complex and tormented relationships, struggle to find happiness or overcome life’s obstacles.

Most often, this Movies based on real events They show us the power of love and determination to overcome adversity, and at the end of the show, not infrequently, they also leave us a beautiful message of hope.

What makes these stories even more special and exciting is precisely their connection to reality, as they are drawn from the experiences lived by ordinary people who faced extraordinary challenges.

Today we would like to recommend 5 films to watch on Netflix with stories heavily based on real events, all of which took place in Italy and which directors like Francesco Amato, Marco Risi, Rocco Ricciardulli, Marco Tullio Giordana and Ferzan Ozpetek decided to bring to the big screen and which can be seen now Among the movies available on the US streaming platform

18 gifts

The movie “18 Present” tells a Touching true story Which aroused great interest in the national press. The movie is directed by Francis Amato, deals with the theme of a mother-daughter bond that transcends death. The plot is based on a story Eliza Gerottoa sick mother decided to leave 18 gifts for her unborn daughter.

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These gifts represent a way to express herself, their relationship, and what she would like to share with her daughter, but the cruel fate that did not allow her to realize it until after her death.

The film received an excellent reception from critics and audiences, thanks to the exceptional performance of Vittoria Puccini as Elisa and Benedetta Porcaroli as her teenage daughter. Edoardo Leo plays the brave father left alone, Alessio Vicenzotto, who also contributed to the film’s script.

This film explores unbreakable love that transcends the tribulations of earthly life, opening the door to a world where souls can still meet. The story offers insights into human connections and the depth of emotion and is a perfect choice for fans of the Netflix series.


the movie”fortabaskTells a short and dramatic story about Giancarlo Siania promising Italian journalist killed by the Camorra at the age of 26.

Starring Libero De Rienzo, the film honors Siani and his commitment to telling the truth despite the risks involved.

The film, directed by Marco Risi in 2009, features an exceptional cast that includes Michele Riondino, Ennio Fantasticini, Daniele Pecci, Valentina Ludovini, and Massimiliano Gallo.

The title “Fortapàsc” is a distorted term for an Apache fort of the western type to symbolize the Camorra’s siege of the city.

The director tried to make the film as realistic as possible, interviewing Giancarlo Ciani’s family to get accurate details about his story. “Fortapàsc” is a highly valued Italian cinematic work that recalls the life of a young journalist who dedicated himself to his work.

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The last paradise

The last paradiseis a film based on a true story, available on Netflix, that deals with themes of love and family in the rural context of southern Italy in the 1950s.

exit Rocco Ricciardoli and the main actor Riccardo Scamarcio, who also co-wrote the movie, bring this touching story to the screen. The plot revolves around Ciccio Paradiso, a rebellious farmer who is secretly in love with Bianca, daughter of the powerful and ruthless Cumpà Schettino, mayor and landowner.

Ciccio revolts against the injustices suffered by the workers and finds himself confronted by Schettino in a fatal confrontation. The film explores the consequences of the characters’ actions and also features performances by Antonio Girardi, Gaia Bermani Amaral, and Valentina Cervi.

With a gripping and intense plot, this Netflix visual tells a complex love story and wonders what will happen to Ciccio and whether his relationship with Bianca will have a happy ending.


the movie”Yara” Directed by Marco Tulio Giordana released in 2021, deals with the murder of a young woman, Yara Gambiracio, which took place in 2001.

Alessio Boni plays Colonel Vitale, while Isabella Ragonesi plays prosecutor Letizia Ruggeri. The movie intrigued the public with its story, which received wide media coverage.

The film reconstructs the case with suspense and focuses on the efforts of the authorities to uncover the truth behind Yara’s murder. The film highlights a cruel and unjust crime, revealing the dismay the public felt after following the story more than ten years ago.

Other actors in the cast include Chiara Buono as Yara, Thomas Trapacci as Marshall Gallo, and Roberto Zepetti as Massimo Pussetti, who was convicted of the murder.

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loose mines

The film “Mine Vaganti” by Farzan Ozpetik, which tells the story (it actually happened to two friends) of a traditional Salento family struggling with their children’s homosexuality.

Set in Lecce, the visual on Netflix has won several awards, with a screenplay written with Ivan Cotroneo. The protagonists Riccardo Scamarcio and Alessandro Preziosi play the brothers, while Lunetta Savino and Ennio Fantasticini play the parents.

The plot revolves around a young man, Tommaso, who returns home to come out to his family, but is surprised when his brother, Antonio, reveals himself as gay before him. The family is shaken by the news and Tommaso remains silent while Antonio is kicked out of the house.

The family tries to count on Tommaso to carry on the family name, but they find out that he lied about his college background.

Meanwhile, his partner Marco sets out for Lecce in search of Tommaso. The film explores family dynamics, acceptance and unconditional love.

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