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Canada, WWF puzzles come to the rescue of endangered species

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By Barbara Bertie

Puzzle To support Endangered species. This is a novelty launched by WWF Canada in association with AKQA Design Agency: a very original attempt to raise awareness Loss of biodiversity And support its important security mission. Products with title Perishable piecesConsisting of four and only There are as many pieces as there are animals in the forest. The giant panda puzzle is the largest with 1,864 pieces, thanks to the success of conservation efforts over the past three decades. Small offering of 400 pieces of Sumatran tiger, 79 pieces of pygmy laziness, and just 73 pieces of Pacific beach killer whale. The collection will be available from the summer of 2022.

WWF Canada Introduces Four Dangerous Species Puzzles: Panda, Sumatran Tiger, Pygmy Lazy and Pacific Killer Whale

Why a puzzle? The creators of this project started because these games are suitable for families and can evoke important conversations about the status of wildlife and our planet from generation to generation. In addition, the number of pieces allows you “Touch” the problem. The entire proceeds from funding for other projects will be donated to WWF Canada. “Income Perishable pieces‘We will carry out our ambitious projects to restore nature and protect wildlife. As this initiative grows, we work hard to ensure that the number of pieces in each puzzle increases, ”said Mark Charles, WWF-Canada Vice President of Marketing. And he adds: “We know that The planet is in crisis Also keep the temperature below 1.5 degrees and close the window to avoid the extinction of endangered species. But There is still time to turn the tide We will follow if we act now with the right security measures in the right places ”.


Orca is one of the most endangered species (WWF)

So, a game to focus on one of the most current and heartbreaking problems. “‘S catastrophic collapse and deterioration Biodiversity This is a disaster and it will not resolve itself – says Ajaz Ahmed, CEO of AKQA. We are collectively responsible This irresponsible environmental catastrophe, in which negligence is a deadly crime. If human beings are the main cause of destruction and loss, then humanity facilitates renewal and protection. No action is too small and no action will come too late. We are very grateful to the WWF and everyone who supports the project Perishable pieces It will help reconnect and restore the natural world. “

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The WWF always strives to protect the environment by protecting endangered species and protecting the environment and biodiversity, reducing pollution and combating waste of resources and energy. At the same time one of the major battles marking the greatest victory for the WWF concerns Giant Panda (Symbol of an environmental voluntary organization).


Thanks to measures taken over the past 30 years, the panda has become an endangered species from an endangered species. Animals in the wild today 1,864 (WWF)

In fact, the Asian mammal passed on from endangered species Vulnerable species More than 30 years after the war: The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) officially announced on September 4, 2016 that the giant panda would be sent into the vulnerable category. But the risk of extinction of mammals is high. Habitat However, due to deforestation, these animals are declining and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find bamboo shoots. Lack of food causes them to move constantly, but in this way they are exposed Hunting And due to a thousand dangers Man-made infrastructure.

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