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Canada: Not only ice and forests, but also some of the best protected beaches in the world

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Recently We have talked about Canada many times in our pagesIt does not properly report comfort messages such as the risk of food invasion from supply chains with a strong environmental impact or – the news of a few months ago – the severe repression of the arbitrary movement of opposing road smugglers. Strict controls related to infection.

But Canada It is also one of the cradles of biodiversity and indestructible nature. Due to its geographical location, the vast glaciers of the North American country, its snow-covered forests and cold temperatures – despite a sad record of 49.6 ° C in British Columbia last summer – are a dramatic sign. Global warming.

Nevertheless, a recent message invites us to think about the natural environment in which we rarely connect with this country: beaches. According to someone Australian study In fact, Canada is the country with the most coastal areas In this world.

The overall results of the research are depressing and they tell us that Only 15% of beaches have been saved by human interventionSevere effects on excessive building or exploitation for tourism or industrial purposes, increase in environmental degradation and intensification of climate change.

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There Some useful information to go to this country, From the beginningeTa is a document required for those who wish to enter Canada for a vacation, business trip, visit for family and / or friends, or to another end destination. Minors must also have their own eTA.

abbreviation for eTA “Electronic travel authorization“, Or electronic travel authorization. An eTA Canada is not a physical document, however An electronic authorization to travel to Canada without a visa. Each application is evaluated by the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of the Government of Canada (“Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada”, or IRCC).


Advice to apply for eTA Canada in a timely manner: This travel authorization is mandatory for anyone wishing to fly to this country. In fact, if you want to reach it by land or sea, you do not have to reach it. With the latest order of the Ministry of Health Previous provisions relating to the Kovit Act will also be discontinuedIt is always best to check in real time for updates from Italian and Canadian authorities.

If Canada decides to enter your heart and spend more time here studying or working in addition to the normal eTa – this will allow you to stay for a maximum of six months – request is required Study permit or one Work permitDepending on the activity you intend to carry out.

Life in Canada may actually be centered on the urban dimension If you move away from the US border where major cities are located, this country offers it. Canada is actually divided into 10 provinces and 3 regions, and it is the largest, covering 6 different time zones. About 30% of its land area is forested and two-thirds of the country is completely uninhabited, mainly three-quarters of Canadians living less than 200 kilometers from the U.S. border.

Canada has the largest number of undamaged coastal areas in the world

From there they stretch Thousands of kilometers of impeccable nature protected by some of the most amazing parks in the worldCanada covers vast areas of nature, most of which have not yet been modified by man. National parks – including Banff, Jasper, Clooney and Cross Morne – are revered for their virgin nature. Covering an area of ​​44,800 square kilometers, the Wood Buffalo National Park is the largest in Canada. Canada’s most beautiful national parks are located in the Rocky Mountains and are connected by a long road: Icefields Parkway. This is a well known and popular tourist route.

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Further The two-day train ride from Calgary to Vancouver (The Rocky Mountain Rail) offers spectacular views.Awesome. Besides road and rail, waterways provide beautiful routes through eastern Canada. Most Popular Insight Passage: The fourteen-hour boat ride offers a unique view from many of Ford’s Canada, which, as mentioned earlier, is home to some of the best protected beaches in the world from human activity.

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