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Coffee should never be reheated: Science explains why

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when we get ready coffee With a coffee machine, it may sometimes happen that a certain amount of this drink remains unused. It may happen that you have a relatively large coffee maker and that there are very few people in the house.

The reasons can be many and sometimes we end up leaving fresh coffee aside. We may think of Reheat it later To enjoy it hot again, but science warns that this habit can be really dangerous to our health. This is what scientists have found on the subject.

Coffee has positive effects on our health

We all know the health benefits that a drink like coffee can provide, when consumed in moderation. coffee It does not contain many caloriesif it is clear that we have avoided sweetening it with sugar, and succeeded in stimulating our minds, allowing us to always stay active in the best way.

However, some scientific research highlights that very hot drinks They can cause harm, if we consider them in the long run. But the question we want to focus our attention on is another: Can chilled coffee be reheated to drink hot again?

Why we shouldn’t reheat coffee

Scientists explain that if we heat up a drink such as coffee, the chemical composition It will be changed. In practice, we will lose the distinctive properties of coffee, as soon as it is raised to a higher temperature for the second time.

Therefore, it is not the composition from a chemical point of view that will change, but also the flavor. Real changes are made to the pH of the drink and can get rid of substances that can have harmful effects on the body.

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For example, in coffee therechlorogenic acid, which, when exposed to very high temperatures, can change its composition. This can lead to disturbances in our health, for example with regard to our digestive system. In short, over time, we may experience some problems.

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Therefore, we should never reheat the coffee we left to cool to avoid anything unpleasant consequences It can affect our well-being. Of course, we can also enjoy cold coffee, or if we want to taste the taste and aroma of a good drink, prepare another one.

It will be a good opportunity to take a moment of relaxation during our days, taking great care of our health.

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