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CBD Benefits: Science and the United Nations Opinion on Cannabidiol Properties

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Constant talk of possibilities Beneficial Effects of CBD Contributed to the increase in interest in this substance also in Italy, where in recent years the number of consumers interested in purchasing it has increased day by day.

Legislatively Buying and selling CBD-based products is free As evidenced by the many activities on the national territory that present articles like this one CBD Shatter Online In one of the most famous shops in the sector.

however There are still many doubts About the actual health of the rumors regarding the benefits of CBD.

In this article we will try to clarify this topic by attributing content as well Scientific research has been conducted on the effects of this molecule.

What are the benefits commonly associated with CBD?

For several years, scientific research seems to be highlighting some of the benefits related to cannabidiol that this molecule can make. An interesting solution related to traditional drugs To enhance the effect of treatments against some diseases.

In particular, CBD appears to have the ability to:

  • reduce anxiety excitement and improving sleep quality;
  • As a result of what was written in the previous point, Improve ability to focus – Indeed, a good sleep has a beneficial effect on the clarity and efficiency of the nervous system;
  • Reduce inflammation and pain – The binding of CBD to the receptors of the endocannabinoid system, in fact, will be able to modulate the nervous response by exerting an analgesic action;
  • Tighten your muscleseven in certain pathological conditions that cause involuntary and often painful spasms.
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It is important to note that the above information has been reported For illustrative purposes only.

Although, as mentioned, several studies have highlighted the above properties of CBD, research on this topic continues to move forward for a better understanding. What are the real effects of this molecule.

In short, there may still be much more to discover and learn about CBD than we already know. For this reason, anyone wishing to test the properties of CBD in the therapeutic field should always be advised Contact a trusted doctor Seek advice on the correct way forward based on your clinical situation.

CBD uses in medicine: When CBD becomes a drug?

Although, as indicated in the previous paragraph, there is still much to learn about CBD, some of its properties have been so established that in the European Union and in many important countries Drugs based on this substance are marketed.

Among the most famous SativexIt is a medicine that is sold as an oral spray. It is used as a therapeutic support for patients with multiple sclerosis who often suffer from chronic, drug-resistant pain. Sativex helps reduce it and improve quality of life.

Another CBD-based drug widely used throughout Europe is Epidiolexwhich was recently approved by the EMA, in 2019.

It is sold in a liquid solution, ready for oral use, and as you can guess from the name, it is used to treat epilepsy patients for Reducing the intensity of painful muscle spasms Typical during the most severe crises.

It has also proven effective, once again as a spasmolytic, even against the symptoms of Tourette and Dravet syndrome.

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CBD, narcotic effects and contraindications: according to the United Nations, CBD does not pose a health risk

So far we have talked about the benefits that are often associated with CBD, but many are also interested in knowing the downside, i.e. Possible contraindicationsif present.

For one thing, widespread skepticism about cannabidiol is often related to the fact that it is found in hemp, a plant known for its narcotic effects. In this regard, it is important to stress that psychotropic substances make them illegal It is caused by THC, not CBD.

CBD, in fact, does not have a psychoactive effect as is also claimed by the United Nations, which declared, in December 2020, that CBD-based extracts are not a narcotic. Moreover, during the same session, the United Nations also decided to remove cannabis from the category of psychotropic substances that pose a significant risk to health and people. Enter it among those with potential therapeutic effects.

What about possible contraindications?

We still don’t know for sure if CBD contains any, but what we can say is that in the course of the medical research that has been done so far, No side effects were shown at all.


In this article, we have listed the main beneficial effects commonly associated with cannabidiol, to make it clear Medicinal properties of some medicines which are approved by pharmaceutical agencies in many EU countries and the rest of the world.

Finally, we made it clear what is the positionUnited nations Compared to Potential medical use of hemp and hempincluding the Convention on Biological Diversity.

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In the end, it turns out that CBD cannot be considered amazing, like free of psychotropic substancesAnd how, so far, science has not shown any side effects related to this substance.

for this reason Its free marketing throughout the European Union, including our country A thriving sector has developed characterized by the presence of many companies offering CBD-based products, such as Justbob, the leader in e-commerce among enthusiasts.

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