December 11, 2023

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Roller Hockey: The Italian Amateur Cup begins

Roller Hockey: The Italian Amateur Cup begins

Five days to get to the Coppa Italia train. Five games to accumulate the points needed to at least defend and possibly improve on eighth place, given that an eighth-place finish would in all probability mean a return to Tresino in the quarter-finals is on the verge of impossible. On Wednesday of robberies the league table has given its true face again with all teams now again playing the same number of games. The arrangement which, after the “PalaDante” knockout, sees Amatori eighth with 13 points, the same as that of Sarzana, however, on points par, ahead by virtue of winning the direct match of the tournament. Vecchio Mercato. Thus, qualification for the next Italian Cup would have to be overcome

In the next five games that will conclude the first round in which it will be a real “volleyball” with many direct clashes that will be able to change the frame and different positions from time to time. In this sense, Montecchio’s draw on Wednesday against Valdagno is certainly good news for the Bresciani team, which at the moment maintains a 5-point advantage over ninth place occupied by the Vicenza woolmakers. Sunday’s yellow-red sprint will start from Bassano, another “terrible” ride on paper after Tresino’s ride against the championship’s second powerhouse, with which Grimalt and his team mates will try to snatch valuable points anyway. After that, the internal confrontation with Grosseto and Vercelli will be essential, today with a difference of 3 points and 1 point, as you will not miss the Sandrigo away match at all, and much more is within reach for the trip to “Cappanino” that awaits the Giallorossi. next Saturday.

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