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Ice hockey: Silver medal for Agata Moraro at the U18 World Championships in Renon

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After the victory in 4 Nations Championship Nov , Agatha Moraroa young hockey player fromAsiago Jralong with a group of trainers from the "Awesome Girls" Max Fedrizzi invaded the The second Place And he deserved it silver medal to me FIFA U-18 World Cup - First Division, Women's Group A I played last week at the Ritten Arena in Colalbo (BZ).

The fate of the international championship remained In the balance until the last game It was played on Sunday evening, when France beat Germany only after a penalty shoot-out, thus ceding the second place to Italy, the winner of the direct confrontation with the French. "a Historic achievementthe best in the history of youth national teamsannounced the fisg","For the first time entering the Azores Top ten in the world".



Italy results

Monday 09/1 - Austria vs Italy 1 - 2 (over time)
Tuesday 10/1 - Italy against Norway 4 - 1
Thursday 12/1 - France vs Italy 0 - 2
Friday 13/1 - Italy against Germany 0 - 1 (Penalties)
Sunday 15/1 - Italy against Hungary 1 - 3

Watch Ezrin's matches again

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Image credit: IIHF - FISG - Max Pattis, HC Asiago Junior

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