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Capcom Arcade II Stadium, Review

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Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium review, a rich new package in arcade sauce where the Japanese publisher collects some of the most famous pearls.

Retrogaming will never die, it will evolve in new directions. Capcom has understood this for quite some time, as well as the growing interest in players for glorified tank titles in the past. We made our first try last year, when the first Capcom Arcade arrived on all consoles and on PC; We have confirmation these days, now it’s ready to debut at Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium. Which presumably represents the second stage of a larger operation, probably set to run with two or three, who knows how many packets.

No particular introductions or digressions are needed: File Capcom Arcade II Stadium review He will briefly explain the new games that are ready to return from the very distant past of our sector, and above all in what form. We tested it on PlayStation 4, but the material shouldn’t change much on all the other platforms the game will be released on.

Contents: 32 titles from the arcade era

SonSon is now free with Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium

If you’ve already had the opportunity to try out your first Capcom Arcade, you’ll already know how this new publisher process works, along with Contents. In short, anyone will be able to download (as of July 22, 2022) the “Public Container”, the virtual arcade with all its beautiful arcades, known as Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium. You’ll even find a free game waiting for you, SonSon. You might already know it, since it’s also appeared in recent years on Virtual Console for the Nintendo Wii: It’s a horizontal scrolling platform video game, starring a monkey highly determined in eliminating all enemies along its way, and is based (but very freely.) in the Chinese novel. Journey to the West.

Nothing is taken away for free so you may consider downloading Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium even just for this suggestion; After all, if we remember well, the first Capcom Arcade also introduced everyone to another, but certainly better known video game: Street Fighter. Now, SonSon is clearly just the tip of the iceberg in this process of nostalgia. Because besides him, there are thirty-one more names ready for you, in total thirty two titles. It will only be purchased and added to the game room, in order to enjoy it: here you can choose packages including a certain number of lockers or for individual selections. But be careful, because buying a locker and then immediately after the package that already has it inside does not give the right to any refund. It is advisable to study the list of titles and their subdivision in your console store (or Steam).

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On the Quality By itself among the thirty-two of Capcom’s proposals, the matter becomes more complex. Many of you will likely have memories of some specific name, and this may already be enough for a potential purchase. For those who are not familiar with the history of cabinets, it must be said that we are generally dealing with a diverse chessboard, both in terms of years of publication and reference types. Lovers fighting game They won’t necessarily be able to stay fast, as there are (among others) Street Fighter, Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter Alpha 2 and Street Fighter Alpha 3. But the Blockbuster puzzle is also notable, which you may remember by other names and in other places: you have to Throw the ball up, break as many bricks as possible, pick it up and return it to the bitter end, without letting it fall to the ground, using a platform of limited length.

It seems that an attempt has been made to satisfy all tastes and tastes all types. Indeed, in addition to the vast majority of titles based on frenzied horizontal and vertical shooters (SonSon mentioned above, Savage Bees, Gan Sumoku, The Speed ​​Rumble) and names that stand out by their notoriety above all others (Megaman The Power Battle, Black Tiger, The King of Dragons, Darkstalkers) There is no shortage of lesser-known productions, but there is nothing less capable of attracting some players. And think, for that matter, of Capcom Sports Club, Three Wonders, and Pnickies – the latter perhaps being a member of the Puyo Puyo family everyone forgets to invite to birthdays.

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Personalization is everything

If you wish, you can play Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium games with a real on-screen locker
If you wish, you can play Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium games with a real on-screen locker

As with other processes of this type related to backtracking, also in Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium, the main goal of the developers was not only to make simulation as smooth and efficient as possible (however, we did not encounter any problems or distortions of any kind.) to what extent it allows By modifying each component separately constitutes the context of the simulation itself. In other words, Personalization is everythingIt invests in varying degrees the gameplay, the game view, the tanks, and the surrounding environment. Let’s try to better understand what can be done, review, change.

First of all, you can modify it as desired Screen appearanceEach group has an individual address. For example, those who like the feeling that they are right in front of the cabinet can maintain their 3D presence on the screen; Those who want to go straight to the point simply want the game window, with no other frills to distract the viewer – and we know how important focus is for the old arcades. Moreover, the number of available filters is large: for example, they allow you to add, adjust or remove raster, emulating your choice more faithful than in the past or adapted to the modern era. Some possibilities include adding CRT raster, RGB LCD grid, or general pixel softening. Also weird is the screen rotation, which now lets you enjoy taking traditional portrait photos horizontally as well. And vice versa, if you want…

Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium doesn't skimp on puzzle games either
Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium doesn’t skimp on puzzle games either

In addition to the general appearance, the Play It can be changed at will. Aside from the indomitable resistance, which can still be activated from individual tank settings, you can change the general difficulty, the number of lives, and the damage (and) enemies do. Perhaps, for those who want to train and then seriously test themselves in old school experiments, rewind will be very useful. It is a feature that allows you to go back exactly as you wish: in the event of death, you will be able to understand what you did wrong, and take a different action. Maybe that jump was too short, or the blow against the enemy was thrown not up but down, or your plane had to veer left instead of right. “Practice makes perfect,” they say: Rewind is the practical application of the saying in question.

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tested version Playstation 4

digital delivery

Steam, PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, Nintendo eShop


Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium plays it safe, with a few additional details and possibilities enriching the experience, in general, with the first chapter already very valid. If you want to reboot the most famous cabin cruisers of the past or experience experiences from another era for the first time, this might be the right opportunity. Also thanks to the very precise possibilities of customization, excellent simulation, of a whole series of utilities (or why not, of new additional difficulties) proposed by the developers. Of course, it is advisable at first to inquire, one by one, about the individual addresses in the group. Because otherwise you can choose other packages that are equally valid, but different in content (the first Capcom Arcade, for example) or go for the competition, with the Namco Museum archive. Icons at hand, the choice is yours.


  • 32 titles worth being known (or rediscovered)
  • Good emulation, excellent customization
  • Online leaderboard


  • Some surnames are very similar to each other
  • There is still a lack of historical insights and various curiosities
  • Without an arcade stick, the experience loses a lot

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