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WhatsApp says no to censorship | Here’s what will change

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Have you ever heard of agents? Thanks to this you can overcome government restrictions that block WhatsApp!

Unfortunately, not all countries of the world are as free as in Italy, there are even many countries that are geographically and culturally far from us where there are some rather severe restrictions. Especially in Eastern Europe, access to the internet is not as free as it is here in Europe and many of the applications that we use every day, such as WhatsApp for example, not everyone has access to it or they have it anyway severe restrictions which we do not have.

Until today, getting around these restrictions was practically impossible unless specific permissions were granted, but now with one of the latest updates to the green messaging app These complaints can also be easily overcome, even if we are in countries with restrictions on WhatsApp. This new functionality is intended both for those who live in restricted countries and for those who may travel to these countries and wish to use WhatsApp to communicate with their family or friends.

What is a proxy server

This new function, which guarantees to overcome the restrictions imposed by the governments of some countries, allows our WhatsApp to communicate with proxy serversBut about what? A proxy server is nothing more than a server that acts as an intermediary between the client (in this case the user using WhatsApp) and the main server of the application. This way you can bypass server restrictions using this very proxy.

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Nowadays, proxies are mainly used for three purposes in computing: to provide anonymity when browsing the Internet, to store a local copy of requested Web objects so that they can be re-provisioned without having to log back into the target servers, and to create a defense (call Firewalls) to protect against electronic attacks from the web, by controlling incoming and outgoing connections.

Activate the proxy in WhatsApp

In addition to all these IT explanations that only serve to trivially understand what we are talking about, now let’s see in practice how to connect to this “intermediate server” using WhatsApp settings. Before listing all the steps, it is good to specify that they can be performed on both Android and iOS devices, since obviously the procedure changes slightly, but the purpose is always the same: to break the restrictions.

on me android The action to be done is this:

  • Open WhatsApp
  • On the chat screen, press the three dots, then Settings
  • Click on “Space and Data”
  • Click on “Proxy” and finally “Use Proxy”

on me iOSfor devices such as iPhone and iPad, you need to do this:

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Click on “Space and Data”
  • Click on “Proxy” and finally “Use Proxy”

By doing this in no time at all, all the restrictions that were on WhatsApp will be completely gone, thus overcoming all the IT blocks imposed by the government of a particular country.

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