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Elden Ring Barbarians of Badlands, DLC leak may be fake –

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A few days ago, we told you about a major attack that Bandai Namco will suffer. The list of games that could have been stolen thanks to this network attack appeared through retransmission. On closer examination, it appears that newsletter on DLC for Elden Ring Barbarians in the Badlands be FalseIn addition to other games.

The site is the first to point the finger Dual Shockers Who noticed many inconsistencies in the file posted on the network. On the one hand, if the hacker attack was confirmed by Bandai Namco, on the other hand, the leaked news should not be the one that is made public, as happened in the case of the famous Nvidia servers.

Look closely at the pictureIn fact, we note that the Tekken logo is taken from a fan-made video. Moreover, the next Digimon game will not be Cybersleuth, but will be a narrative product focused on the digital world. Looking at the Dragon Ball logo, you can see that it is a fusion between Dragon Ball FighterZ and Dragon Ball Super. Other logos also do not look as perfect as one would expect from official documents.

For this reason, since all the leaks of this document are fake, it is likely that it is also from the Elden Ring DLC. To see how FromSoftware’s masterpiece will expand, we will therefore have to wait for new official information from Bandai Namco.

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