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University: Physics and Mathematics SISSA among the departments of excellence

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(ANSA) – Trieste, December 30 – The fields of Physics and Mathematics at the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) in Trieste are included in the Divisions of Excellence for the period 2023-2027 and are therefore eligible for funding. This was announced by the National Agency for University Evaluation and Research System (ANVUR). SISSA participated in both departments; Recognition confirms the results obtained in the past five years.

The projects submitted for selection focus on the interdisciplinarity of new research activities in the field of physics and on the revitalization of new areas of study in probability, statistics and stochastic processes with implications for teaching and infrastructure, in the field of mathematics. The requested financing amount is 6.6 million euros for each of the two projects provided by the regions.

The Departments of Excellence, which are evaluated every 5 years, is an intervention prescribed by law and aims to identify and fund the 180 best departments in the country’s universities, which are awarded with a total annual budget of 271 million.

The two regions have already entered among the 350 departments admitted to the project selection with the highest score, defined by a special benchmark indicator. The SISSA Physics Area project aims to launch innovative research lines, which bring together different fields such as quantum information, quantum gravity, machine learning, cosmology, standard model of elementary particles, physics of materials and topological states. Thing. The Mathematics Zone project expects to revitalize new lines of research in probability, statistics, and stochastic processes, from both a theoretical and an applied point of view.

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SISSA Director Andrea Romanino and the two district coordinators, Pasquale Calabrese (Physics), Gianluigi Rozza (Mathematics) expressed great satisfaction.

Calabrese talks about a “truly innovative project for the school” which will “help break down outdated and artificial barriers”. Rozza is convinced that the other project “will have important ramifications and impacts in both the industrial and medical fields, and strong synergies with other projects already underway, complementary to this one.” (Dealing).

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