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Drogba, ex-TS Sartori confesses to Atalanta: “He jumped for a little thing”

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The regret of the Nerazzurri club’s then sporting director: “We already took him”. Canada and the United States in the last years of his career.

Bet, treat, bring to your team. However, many turning points are possible in between. In a parallel universe of course Didier Drogba, one of the strongest strikers of the new millennium from Invoria, played for Bergamo and dragged Atalanta into the giants. Not in us.

Drogba’s career was mainly linked to success with Chelsea, but his years as a footballer also saw him travel the world between China, Turkey and Canada. Not Italy, which is often talked about (especially in post-season Blues), but without a real final result.

After his time at Chelsea, Drogba could have ended up at Bergamo, as Atalanta’s former sporting director admitted. TailorFor Corriere dello Sport:

“We already took it. He jumped for a little thing. I don’t remember now how much we paid for it, and don’t want to strain my memory too much.

Sartori arrived at Bergamo in 2014 and tried to sign Drogba In the last years of his career, shipped to Canada and the United States. Before Casperini arrived and Atalanta were born as a big team, the Nerazzurri were traveling the hot spots of the relegation zone.

Initially at Levallois in the French fourth tier, Drogba worked his way up the ladder after returning to his parent club Le Mans. So Guingamp, Marseille, and therefore Chelsea, won under Roberto Di Matteo, to be uninterrupted between the Premier League and the Champions League.

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In London, the former Shanghai man scored 164 goals. Having hung up his boots, Drogba entered the jury for the Ballon d’Or, for which he had been nominated several times without ever coming close to the trophy, which continued in the hands of Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi.

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