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Are Disney live-action movies in danger? Latest news about the movie with Rachel Ziegler

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Red Alert Among Disney Fans: What’s Going On Remake of direct action snow white?

After the recent delays to Warner Bros. due to Actors strikeAnd after some statements of the actress Rachel Ziegler That made the web discuss in recent days rumor Possible postponement of the movieif not even one cancellation.

Let’s calm things down right away: obviously the latter Unfounded news like snow white It was filmed in post-production and Disney plans to release it March 2024For now, they haven’t changed. The news about the possible cancellation has already been released Parody site, MouseTrap News, attributes the cause to the many online controversies surrounding the title, such as the controversy over the appearance of the Seven Dwarfs, who were transformed into “magical creatures” in this version. Unfortunately, it seems some fans “fell in love with it,” taking the news for granted and posting it on social media.

Self So you don’t have to be afraid With regard to the output, it is also true that the hypothesis postponed from the scheduled date It is tangible, precisely thanks to the strike currently underway, that will eventually revolutionize the calendar of all major disciplines. In the newsletter of Matt Belloni, former editor of The Hollywood Reporter, the expert claims the movie is coming “Almost certainly postponed”especially now that the Warner movie is a huge hit Sand Dunes – Part Two It was moved to March 15, 2024, a few days before it was released snow white.

If Disney also decides to get its hands on the calendar, live events could take its place Deadpool 3then postpone a few months when May 3, 2024. Obviously, these are just hypotheses for now, and we’ll have to wait for more information.

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in snow white We’ll see Rachel Ziegler (West Side Story) as the most beautiful princess in the land. will be next to him Gal Gadotwho will take on the role of the evil queen, while Andrew Burnab He will play the title role, an original character named Jonathan. He will direct the movie Marc Webb.

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