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The mourning left us in the world of cinema, a great actor loved by everyone

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He is a brilliant artist who, step by step, managed to enter the hearts of the audience. Colleagues mourned his death.

candle (pixabay)

The bad news that certainly left in despair not only all movie fans, but, of course, also the colleagues of this character who participated in many films.

A really great career, which gave him the opportunity to play many important roles that gave him good popularity around the world.

Unfortunately, the American actor passed away 26 May In circumstances that have yet to be clarified and that are surely filled with pain Hollywood Who was a very good actor.

At the moment of his death, he was a famous translator in dominican republic Where was the movie filmed? dangerous water. According to the most informed, he died in his sleep.

At the moment, in fact, many newspapers in particular LimitHe spoke of his sudden disappearance, which should not be the cause of any crime.

We are referring, specifically, to Ray Liotta, born in 1954, is from New Jersey. His artistic career began in the eighties thanks to a lucky meeting with actor Stephen Bauer, thanks to which he was able to get his first important role in comedy. something overwhelming.

My condolences to colleagues

Later, he continued to collect roles one by one, one out of each role in These good guyssuccess Martin Scorsesedecorated with a star splint consisting, for example, of Robert De NiroAnd Joe PesciAnd Paul SorvinoAnd Frank VincentAnd Lauren Braccoand others.

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Ray Liotta
Ray Liotta in a scene from the movie (Facebook)

So his travel companions wanted to express that My deepest condolences For the loss of a brilliant Hollywood actor.

specially, De NiroThrough a press release, he said he really felt a lot of grief over his untimely passing. there BraccoInstead, he wanted to express his condolences through social networks.

The New York-based actress has proven to be somewhat upset when upset Twitter He wrote a short blog post affirming his appreciation for the distinguished American colleague.

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The director also joins the pain James Mangold who described it Beam As a passionate, passionate collaborator, he even has a sweet side, despite the characters he brings to life on the big screen.

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