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Baby swallows pin and dies at five, mum: ‘I’m heartbroken’

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Swallowed one by mistake drawing pin He died in hospital the next day. The tragedy of 5-year-old Kyle Lewis shook Britain. “We were devastated by the unbelievable pain, and you can never prepare for that,” said the parents, who have 5 other children.

The accident after Christmas

The incident happened last month, just days after little Kyle’s birthday. The boy was playing when he accidentally swallowed a thumbtack. The needle blocked the airway stop him from breathing. He was taken to hospital and revived 4 times, then transferred to a specialist hospital in Leeds. But now his brain has suffered massive damage, after going so long without oxygen. The little one died two days later in the arms of his mother and father.

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Last breath in the arms of mom and dad

The mother said, “He took his last breath while we were cuddling him.” Emma Lewis “You can never prepare for this.” “As long as he was in the hospital, I stayed with him, got him to bed, talked to him. Now I’m devastated. People tell me to be strong, it’s not that easy. I lost my son and now I can think of nothing but him. It’s like I don’t know how to suffer.” The case was highly publicized and a fundraiser was organized to help the family, particularly Kyle’s five sisters, to get a gift to remember their brother.

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