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Canada. Trudeau used the Emergency Act to quell protests against the Govt-19 restrictions

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By Alberto Calvi –

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used the Emergency Act of 1988, which allowed the federal government to override the powers of the Canadian provinces, blocking demonstrations that paralyzed the capital, Ottawa, and blocking border crossings between the United States and Canada aimed at anti-Govt. 19 Restrictions.
When the corona virus hit the country, Canadians asked Trudeau to use it in early 2020 to control the movement of people and goods. The government at the time did not issue an emergency law, arguing that it would only be passed as a last resort. New emergency measures will be defined in a timely manner, geographically targeted, and reasonable and proportionate to the threats they face.
It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. To implement the law, the head of the federal government must consult with the heads of the relevant provinces before submitting the text of the law to parliament. Ontario Premier Duck Ford will support any federal government proposal to restore law and order in the state.
When Trudeau’s father, former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, enacted the War Action Act 50 years ago, in 1970, in response to the violent wave of separatism in Quebec, the Priority Act was used only once in peacetime. This period became known as the “October Crisis” and the government sent troops to Quebec to restore order after the abduction of British trade liaison and Quebec minister Pierre Labourde by extremist separatists; Laporte was later killed by kidnappers.
The Freedom Convoy struggles were started by Canadian truckers and were often organized by far-right activists. The emergency law would give the Trudeau government extraordinary 30 days to deal with the protests now being copied in countries such as Israel, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria.

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