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Putting the smartphone in charge: A 14-year-old died of electrocution

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A real death ended the life of a teenager. How did the use of smartphones affect the tragic event

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the Technological devices Especially in the hands of minors, they can sometimes prove to be harmful, as happened to 14 year old brazilian. The boy lost his life while using it smart phoneNow a common activity for all generations.

However, unfortunately, when fate rages, there is not much to do because there is no logical explanation in this case. It wasn’t just an act of negligence An unfortunate and dramatic coincidence forever cut off the future of a poor innocent soul.

14-year-old boy died using smartphone: this is what happened

The teenager lived on a farm 5 kilometers from the city. The moment everything seemed to be flowing smoothly, here’s a filefatal event. While plugging his portable device into the home socket (with the help of an electric extender), lightning struck the ground causing a terrible death.. To find his dead body was his parents, who could do nothing but make sure of death.

according to Police Commissioner Sergio Henrique Death would have occurred instantly due to the electrical discharge derived fromatmospheric factor. To unravel this mystery, it is necessary to wait for a result Make an evaluation immediately. Seemingly It’s not an intermittent episode, but something that has an uncomfortable track record in the South American country.

Last summer, an 18-year-old woman from Santarem lost her life in nearly identical circumstances. Police reconstruction found that the girl was with the mobile phone in hand while he was connected to battery charger.

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Of course, the above-mentioned events pertain to a country in which they are certain natural disasters They are very strong and far from what we live. At the same time, structures in some areas of the territory also leave something to be desired.

However, a message must be taken from these unpleasant episodes. The combination of technology and palace should always be constantly monitored, also to prevent boys from being present Victims of terrible scams.

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