December 11, 2023

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The December 19, 2022 free game revealed by a well-known celebrity –

The December 19, 2022 free game revealed by a well-known celebrity –

Also this year for the Christmas periodEpic Games Store One free game will be given away per day until the end of the year. today , December 19, 2022apparently previously disclosed by well-known leaker Billbil-kun: it should be about their fighting flocks.

Previously, Deep Throat only had the clues, stating that it would be a “whodunit”, somewhat “spicy” game, leading many to believe it was Dune Spice Wars. Posted later DeLabs Another post where he definitively revealed the game in question.

Their fighting flocks are a 2D cartoon style fighting game Where adorable animals created by cartoonist Lauren Faust (author of The Powerpuff Girls and My Little Pony) engage in fights to the death.

their fighting flocks

Among the main characters is a character with llama features, which looks a lot like the logos on an Epic Games Store gift card related to today’s free game, reinforcing the credibility of Billbil-kun’s advice, which anyway has always proven reliable in the past.

Below we read the description of Them’s Fighting’ Herds from Steam:

“Them’s Fightin’ Herds is a 2D fighting game featuring the lovable animals of famous cartoonist Lorraine Fawcett. Beneath their tender skin, a serious fighter lurks!”


  • Improved Combat – Four button mechanics, magic system, increased super attack and matchmaking fatigue to prevent infinite combos.
  • Story mode – episodic adventure full of exploration, combat challenges, mini-games and boss battles!
  • Local and Online Crossplay Matchmaking in Versus Mode – Fight opponents offline or defeat yourself in the world with GGPO’s powerful network code rollback.
  • TUTORIAL AND TRAINING MODE – Learn the basics with mixed experiences and guided tutorials, practice combos in the content-packed training room, and watch match replays!
  • Pixel Lobby – Unlock accessories, customize your avatar, and explore the upper lobby with other players online.
  • Dynamic Music System – Battle Rock adapts to the characters and every match becomes a clash of champions.

We also remind you that you have until 17:00 today to redeem the free game on December 18, 2022 from the Epic Games Store.

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