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Canada, the iconic Wendy’s logo is going from red to gray hair, and here’s why

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there Wendy’s logo Canadian social media has a new hairstyle in favor of one of the country’s storied journalists. The well-known fast food chain, based in its Canadian headquarters, posted a new profile picture on its Twitter feed last Thursday, replacing the iconic pigtails A red one is given Soft Gray shade. The company posted the picture with the hashtags #LisaLaFlamme and #NewProfilePic and the caption “Why a star is a star regardless of hair color.” On Saturday alone, the picture has received more than 45,000 likes.

Lisa LaFlame fired for gray hair

For more than 30 years Lisa Laflamme Bell Media has worked as a correspondent and correspondent for CTV National News for the past 11 conductor. A few weeks ago, the 58-year-old was told his contract would expire on June 29 and would not be renewed, ending his journalism career at the network. In a video posted on Twitter on August 15, the journalist said he was “shocked” by the decision. termination of employment and “Leaving CTV in a way I didn’t choose was devastating”. This news has caused great controversy in CanadaA company decision is made LaFlamme’s choice Stop dyeing your hair blonde During epidemics, leave them Naturally gray. “At the age of 58, I thought I still have a lot of time to tell other stories that affect our daily lives,” he added in the video complaint.

Former CTV National News anchor Lisa LaFlamme

In a statement, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Bell Media, Mirko BibikSaid LaFlamme’s hair color There is nothing in it to do With the company’s decision to fire her. “It’s not,” he said, adding that the agency is conducting an independent review. Bell Media’s vice president, Michael Melling, resigned from the company after the revelations: he told LaFlamme that he would no longer play a role in news.

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Unity of brands

Wendy’s isn’t the only brand showing their support for Lisa LaFlamme in Canada. Although the former TV news anchor was not specifically mentioned, the famed personal care company last week Where it is In Canada he started a campaign asking his supporters Change your profile photo to “grayscale”. And there is Donated $100,000 For an organization that fights for inclusive workplaces for women.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Gray-haired Elon Musk’s mother May retweeted the cover of this year’s swimsuit ad edition with May Musk commenting, “We’re going gray with @Dove for confident older women on their terms.”
Doe’s Twitter account in Canada responded to Wendy’s tweet with “You look beautiful, Wendy!“, it reads along with the hashtag #KeepTheGrey.

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