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Corona virus today. More than 100 protesters have been arrested in Ottawa, Canada

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Canadian police paralyze Ottawa over protests over measures taken in the midst of the epidemic. More than 100 people were arrested, according to local newspapers.

Data on those who were vaccinated on February 18, 2022
  • Beijing 2022: There is nothing new positive in the Olympics

    No positive cases COVID-19 In the last 24 hours in Beijing, 2022 is associated with the Winter Games. The total number of positives since January 23 (with 13,628 visits and 1,727,472 total swaps) is 436.

    The XXIV edition of the Winter Olympics (LaPresse / Marco Alpozzi) has no new positives in Beijing

  • Ricciardi (Health): Yes fourth dose for physicians and the weak

    “Thanks for the vaccines and the use Green bass We have regained a good degree of freedom. Now it needs to be maintained. We are prudent, we do everything, but with the right awareness that danger is not gone. Instead, there is a desire to accelerate with blind openings in many countries. The fatigue of living under a check for two years should not lead to results that could push the curve for the third year upwards. So Walter RicciardiIn an interview with Courier della Serra, a professor of health at Catholic University and an adviser to Health Minister Roberto Speranza.

    “There International spread It’s still in the world, look at what’s happening in Hong Kong with the developed health care system: there are 30,000 cases a day and they can not manage them, ”he insists. “The Italian government maintains a responsible attitude. The relaxation process continues, except for important places such as workplaces. Keep restrictions on the outside. If there are gaps between tables in bars and restaurants, you can drop the green certificate. Inside – Ricciardi says – we’re not talking about that. We need a mask and a pass.” . What do you expect in the fall? “It simply came to our notice then. How? Re-vaccinate the weak and health professionals with the fourth dose. Respiratory viruses, including Sars-CoV-2, do not have to be dramatic, so let’s get ready for a new season. Vaccines have extraordinary efficacy, but after a certain months from the last dose the immune system – he explains – loses dosage and needs to be strengthened. We remind you that those who receive a recall in October may soon be affected.

  • Canada: More than 100 protesters have been arrested in Ottawa

    Canadian Police ‘Opening’ Ottawa Paralyzed by protests against actions taken in the middle International spread . More than 100 arrests and more than 20 vehicles have been taken away in the past few hours as part of a police crackdown on protesters and truckers following Prime Minister Justin Bieber, local media reported. Trudeau The independent convoy called for the use of emergency laws to put an end to the no-vote protest.

    Protesters in Ottawa, Canada (Alex Kent / Getty Images / Afp)

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