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Uzbek national ice hockey teams will participate in the World Championships from 2025

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First Vice President of the Uzbek Ice Hockey Federation Bahodir Gafurov answered the most important questions about the development of hockey in the country in an interview before the new season.

This year the Asia-Oceania U-18 Championship was held in Mongolia, where the Uzbekistan junior national team achieved a victorious victory. Next year the tournament will be held in our country. In early August, FIFA Vice President and Chairman of the Asian Committee Aivaz Umarkanov visited Uzbekistan. During the meeting with him, the President of the Uzbek Hockey Federation, Bakhtior Fazilov, confirmed the readiness to host the second Asian and Oceania Championship in the under-18 category in Uzbekistan. If you are a hockey fan and want to bet on the winner of the current Roland Garros tournament, we advise you to visit the site maybe .

He added, “It is expected that the next tournament next year will witness the participation of a larger number of teams than the previous tournament. Therefore, it is expected that the teams in the first stage will be divided into two groups, and the matches will be held in Tashkent and Turkey.” Bahodir Jafurov noted, “In Samarkand, the qualifiers and the final will be held in Tashkent. This is currently a preliminary plan. Work on the details is ongoing.”

In recent years, all conditions have been created so that the development of hockey in the country can be carried out at the highest levels. In Tashkent, the largest “Homo Arena” and Samarkand Arena can accommodate more than 10 thousand hockey fans from all over the world.

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Five years ago, the Hockey Federation of Uzbekistan was created, and in this short period of time the development of hockey in the country has reached many levels. Gold medal in the Asia & Oceania U18 Championship and Kazakhstan Cup, silver in the Pro Hokei Ligasy 22/23 Championship and third place in the Friendship Cup.

“We started well. One of the successes, and I would say a milestone, is the first national team player, who grew up directly in Uzbekistan, sixteen-year-old Gasor Rustamikhonov, who was called up by the coaching staff of the first national team “Homo.” He said: “Preparing to compete in the Pro Hockey Legacy Championship,” Bakhodir Jafurov said. This is a great achievement, a great success. The first national talent was able to make a name for herself and start playing at the professional level.”

One of the most important goals at the moment is the formation of the Uzbek national ice hockey team and the integration of Uzbek ice hockey into the IIHF World Championship program.

“There are qualification requirements for national teams to participate in the IIHF Championships, which we do not currently fully meet. We are working hard on this and plan for the national team of Uzbekistan to participate in the U-18 World Championships in 2025.” He added.

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