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Canada, players on strike due to inadequate pay: Avoid playing with Panama

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None of the players and allies on strike. That test Canada The game, which was supposed to have been played against Panama, was canceled just hours before the kick-off following a strike by Canadian players who were dissatisfied with the pay conditions offered by their federation for the new collective bargaining agreement.

The Canadian federation of Canadian soccer confirmed on Twitter that the preparation for the World Cup in Qatar had been canceled at the end of the year, and that “Kanax” had qualified 36 years after their first participation. The Canadian men’s national team announced last Thursday that it had rejected the terms of a new contract issued by its federation. “Canada Soccer waited until the evening of June 2 to offer an old offer, and the General Secretary and President of the Federation prepared themselves for the first time to contact the players only on June 4 at 16 – the players explained – for these reasons, we reluctantly decided not to play in the match against Panama. It’s time to take a stand for the future of football in Canada. “

The Canadian Football Association, through its president Nick Pontis, said: “The decision to refuse to play is very disappointing. Canada Soccer has worked with players in good faith to find a solution that is fair to all.

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The match against Panama is Canada’s second to be canceled in recent weeks: a friendly match against Iran, another World Cup qualifier previously scheduled, has been canceled following the words of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Families of passengers killed in the shooting down of a Ukrainian airline flight departing from Tehran in January 2020 by Iranian militants. Eighty-five of the one hundred and seventy-six victims were Canadians.

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