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Callisto Protocol, the first review that sets a perfect score and reveals its duration –

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there First review Featured online by Callisto protocolpublished by the Evening Standard, will delight all those who have been waiting for this new science fiction horror, because it is nothing but full mark. More precisely it was awarded 5/5.

The article also reveals adventure duration, which stands at 12 – 14 hours. Not a little for this genre, given its dynamics.

For the rest, the review, which seems to have violated the ban, as evidenced by the fact that it was taken offline after a few hours, tells us of one Best horror evergreat in graphics and gameplay, should be taken into consideration by anyone who is passionate about the genre.

Let’s say it’s a good calling card, but we’ll see if these super positive reviews get shared by the rest of the press. If you want more details, read our preview of the Callisto protocol, where we wrote:

What does the Callisto Protocol really want, a recent act or survival as if it just isn’t doing it anymore? While waiting for us to finally be able to answer this fundamental question, we remind you that the game will be released on PC and new generation consoles on December 2nd. Obviously, the average duration will be around fifteen hours, but as always the skill and curiosity of the user will influence, as will the difficulty level chosen from the three available.

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