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Hockey: Lorenzoni BPER win the Bra Master Championship –

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The last days of the festivities were filled with hockey: three youth rallies and the finals of the men’s and women’s Master’s Championships, which were attended by Lorenzoni BPER of Bra athletes.

Young Massimo Ananya and Alina Fadeeva participated in the Epiphany in Benasca and in the following days in Turin in the U-14 category where they achieved clear results in qualifying for the finals to be held in Brazil in Lipilola on the 12th. and February 13.

Even in the under-18 class, at Brasport, Lorenzoni BPER, although incomplete, deserved to qualify, in second place, for the national finals to be held in Basilicata on January 29-30.

However, the main event was the Masters event: three days of competitions took place in the two gymnasiums in Bra which saw the participation of teams from all over Italy, men and women over the age of 40, 50 and 55. For the female category, the winner was the Lorenzoni Master and for the team The men, in first place, over 40 from Turin and over 60 from Bologna.

He attended, at the awards ceremony, the mayor of the city with the Requiem Mass for the Sports Facilities, so impressed by the competitive spirit expressed by the former athletes of the Paduan, Roman, Sicilian and Emilionese of Cagliari who over time made the history of their beloved sport that they do not, at all, still intend to hang the baton on a nail.

Bra’s Mayor Gianni Fogliato rewards Bra’s Monica Celli, best player of the event


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