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Canada to vote. Dangerous betting by Justin Trudeau

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Today’s early referendum in Canada did not like anyone, or almost. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has expressed confidence that going to the polls after a successful fight against the epidemic is the right way to consolidate his power. Since the beginning of August, two years after he announced his return to the polls, the Delta variant has started racing again. To this must be added the accusations of his main opponents, the conservative Erin O’Dool and the leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP), Jagmeet Singh. Indigenous community., Various scandals during his administration, a record inflation and, finally, another slap in the face that Washington received, ignored without warning about the new Aukus deal, let alone involved. So a sum that turns Trudeau’s betting into a more expensive gamble.

At a rally in the suburbs of Vancouver, Trudeau urged his constituents to believe in themselves for the third time. “My friends, if you want to end this epidemic forever, go out and vote for liberalism,” he said. Targeting his servant. Canada has really proven to be a good example in the fight against the epidemic, being on the list of the most immunized countries in the world. However, the development of epidemics in recent weeks has again raised the alarm, and Trudeau firmly believes that a strong government capable of making decisions at full autonomy is needed to combat the spread of the virus. In short, they are not minorities as they are now. In the last election round, in which the Liberal Party won 157 seats, the support of the NDP was, in fact, fundamental. The 23 elected members of the NDP do not have a sterile majority.

Despite him, Canadian citizens do not feel the same way. While acknowledging the government’s efforts to control the epidemic, many do not explain the need to bring elections forward within 24 months, especially in the face of a virus return. 60% of voters are convinced of how reactive voting is at this time because they are satisfied with the current institutional structure. Trudeau’s five-year Canadian $ 78 billion plan – $ 62 billion at the U.S. exchange rate – will be largely spent on health care, and the proposal to provide booster vaccines free of charge and a proposal to set aside $ 1 billion to implement the immunization passport system will not be used by those in the power games. .

In a country where low profile is a peculiar feature, the move to hold elections is not appreciated, but is considered shameful and beyond modesty. One opinion, as many agree, was used several times by leaders of other camps during the 36 weeks of the election campaign. After all, the conservative O’Toole, who has been the party’s leader since last year, found a reason to justify seizing power in the new wave of Govt. “Every Canadian has met Justin Trudeau in his life: the privileged, the recognized and always expecting the maximum profit,” he declared, criticizing the choice to return to the polls. “He was active in this research when he called for these costly and unnecessary elections in the midst of an epidemic.”

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O’Donoghue’s popularity was a quiet matter for Trudeau, at least until a few months ago. His ambiguous stance on Govt, for example, took a stand against compulsory vaccination, leading liberals to portray their opponents as reactionary. In fact, while collecting votes among various far-right no-vote groups, the Conservatives have come up with a new plan based on massive public spending and job creation. In terms of the environment, Trudeau’s favorite, O’Toole’s party, promises to respect the objectives set out in the Paris Agreement, reducing emissions by 30% by 2030 from fifteen years ago. As it is, it is history. According to the party, the proposal is expected to sell 30% of light vehicles with zero emissions in ten years. “We have a plan to get the country back on track after eighteen difficult months in this crisis. I am a partner in the LGBTQ + community,” he declared. O’Toole with his team exploring what David Cameron did in his experience at 10 Downing Street. Even with the retreat step Prohibition of assault weapons The imposition by Trudeau was very noisy and displaced the enemy. O’Toole, who initially opposed it, said he was prepared to prevent the abduction – part of which was backed by the current prime minister – and thus moved a section of his electorate to the left without resentment.

The advantages used by the liberals have gradually diminished and the gap between the two leaders has narrowed. Recent polls suggest that Singh’s NDP will be 20% compared to 2019, four percentage points higher than in 2019, once again decisive for the birth of a new government. Yes, because the absolute majority that Trudeau wants to achieve seems complicated to everyone, otherwise it is impossible.

Thus Singh has got the opportunity to play not only a scale but also a major role again. The proposals of the original leader of the Indian state of Punjab – the first member of a minority who held a high position in the federal party – seemed ambitious but were appreciated by Canadian left-wing voters and attracted attention beyond that. The frontier is supported by Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocacio-Cortes. For all federal workers, the NDP proposes a minimum wage of $ 20 and a ten-day holiday, while aiming to reduce emissions by 50% by 2030 in the fight against climate change, creating the opportunity to create one million jobs. The party wants to succeed in snatching as many seats as possible from the Liberals. For this reason, the Trudeau administration sought to fill in the gaps left after six years in office.

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Of these, the tribal community expects a clear response from the government after the horrific discovery of hundreds of anonymous graves of children educated in Canadian integrated schools. Many associations are urging tribals to go to the polls, but the misconception that separates them from the institutions is still high. On the contrary, Canadians are reassured: “We hope that they will continue to be on the path of reconciliation with us and that we will elect politicians who will respect the rights of the tribal people and act in solidarity with them.” Announced Nadan Obad, president of the National Organization, which represents Inuit. The NDP is in the process of creating a police and judicial office to address the proportion of tribals in prisons, even if the community is not part of the first countries (tribal or autonomous people of the country). Subject to their demands.

Prime Minister Trudeau pledged a policy of reconciliation with these communities, assuring them of the truth about the horrific discoveries made in schools. Unlike criticism, it is a fact that struggles to come and join. If the native children are taken to court the next day, one day they will not be able to stand on their knees, ”he pointed out. Singh points the finger at Trudeau’s defaults over the years. For example, out of 105 orders to bring clean drinking water to tribal people, 52 have been omitted, and in general, the current government has fulfilled 45% of its promises, with only some 27%. The rest was on the card. I think Trudeau might be worried about the living conditions of the indigenous people, Singh explained. “I think he cares, but the truth is, he’s done a lot of things for the show and does not support them with real action,” he continued, as did his opponent O’Toole.

Incompleteness seems to be a characteristic of Canadian politics over the past two years, but it is not the only one. During his administration, Trudeau was a progressive leader and was embroiled in a series of small or large scandals that distorted his image of focusing on the demands of minorities. Many years before he was elected – an example of some of the photos depicting him with a black mask. However, last year, a charity very close to his family, Kovid won the contract without any concessions to manage the financial aid program needed for students in an emergency. Four days later, the Canadian Foundation apologized for what it called corruption, forcing the organization to withdraw from the project, and it was canceled anyway. Family vacations on Aga Khan Island and allegations of sexual harassment by a reporter are other examples of undesirable situations that the Prime Minister should take into account.

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Circumstances unfavorable to its popularity. Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections on Friday After 2003, Trudeau stated that monetary policy was not a priority. However, the truth is clear. Since August last year, petrol and housing prices in particular have risen by 4.1%. Prices of the former increased by 32.5%, while new buildings grew by 14.3%. Diff McClellan, chairman of the Central Bank of Canada, sought to stabilize the course of prices, which he considered a bracket, not a real problem. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly, and why they’re doing so poorly, and why they’re doing so poorly.

The Indo-Pacific agreement signed by Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States – AUKUS – was not even happy a few days ago. Canada did not expect this, and was the party that signed the Five Eyes (intelligence sharing agreement) with these three states and New Zealand. They expected a call from Ottawa to explain the new anti-Chinese pact, but it did not. “This is another example of how Trudeau has not been taken seriously by our friends and allies around the world. Canada is becoming irrelevant under him.” For his part, Trudeau never imagined a similar treatment from his partner Joe Biden, hoping he would establish a more constructive dialogue with his predecessor, Donald Trump.

This series of elements allows Canadians to open a broader debate about their government. The deliberately anticipated renovation of the House of Commons was seen as representing the prime minister’s integration and risking becoming a dangerous boomerang instead. But, as stated Paul Martin, the former prime minister’s chief executive, said: “If you come to power after the election, you will win. If you were a minority, you would still be a minority, but you are still in government. According to Justin Trudeau, considering the turbulent times, this may already be something.

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