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Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel Film Review Award for Orizonte in Venice 79

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Vera lives in the shadow of her famous father. Tired of her superficial life and connections, she ends up in vain in Roman high society. One day after he was injured in a suburban car accident, he pressed on Strong relationship with an eight-year-old and his father. But he will soon have to realize that even in this new world he is just a tool for others.

The stylistic procedure developed by the directors Tessa Coffey and Rainer Frimmelan Italian-Austrian couple in the film industry (she is from Bolzano), to illustrate a life A true gemgreat daughter julianin fictional story “True as fictionimmediately stand out for poetic vitalitynicely balanced fantasy of a neglected mystery web series Mrs. to Laurie Del Santo and copy thereof highhybridized with Liquid symbols of cinema’s most sympathetic, lively and impactful reality.

The crudest and most tender humanity, those are among the few of the many delights and miseries of those who have always lived in the weary shadow of the golden world of big screen entertainment.communicate Painfully making his way through the rubblefar from any imposition of beauty, law and aspiration imposed by force (unlike a friend of his, indifferent to the idea of ​​living next to a place where money is materially forged, the so-called “mint stateShe, Vera, at one point in the film is very excited about the idea).

scene that Asia ArgentoAnd Brother friend Vera, who shares his fateart daughterBecause of his father, Dario, he takes her to Non-Catholic cemetery in Rome (the one near the pyramid) to visit Tomb of Ibn Goethe, recorded on his tombstone only as “son of Goethe”, as if he had no other possibility of reminiscing than his brilliant literary father. But everything around Vera lives and sparkles precisely with truth, thanA real driver, but existential to Her boyfriend is narrow-mindedAnd typical male from men and women to Maria Devilipi Who would like to ride with him Monica Bellucci (But it may distort in Alex the ram or Very beautiful: remember the late Maurice Costanzo) , Passes through New love borgataro on which the protagonist will depend heart and soulbut only ripping Cuts, slaps, and bruises because of pure, unconditional feelingare assigned, as usual, randomly and without great advantages to whoever obtains them in legitimizing them in the field (the parabola very particular reminds us of a mixture between beggar to Pierre Paolo Pasolino and thecathodic pictures to Happy Sunday to Barbara D’Urso).

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The movie is Shot on film, evidence of pulsating nature Which Vera Gemma invests in even when she initially announces it For her parents, gaining weight was worse than heroin And that, since she was a child, she always wanted to look like transgender women beauty level, So today you totally stick to it Look beautifulthough the horrible comments full of disdain and moral blindness pouring into the internet inevitably haters. Not to mention a test in which Vera is superficially and brutally ignored at first, only to be honored only when she gets the chance to say who her father was.

The picture that appears – amazing and touchingsomewhat like “non-standard” Gigi Law to Alessandro Comodinalso somewhere in between The craziest Kiarostami And More Nani Moretti Lunar – And a Selfie Without filters and compromises: that of A woman withered from the weight of being single Nebo baby Crushed by the icon of the father; TRUE The power of nature who, not satisfied with his generosity, still wandered The kissing gait of the lioness and the squiggly sphinx wander and the cowboy hat From that blessed blessed cursed father (still) on the head even before the heart and in the head.

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