Home entertainment “Alex will not give up, all designed to create suspense”

“Alex will not give up, all designed to create suspense”

“Alex will not give up, all designed to create suspense”

Agent Beast’s Twitter profile spoils what’s to come in tonight’s Big Brother Vip episode.

the big brother vip It will be broadcast this evening with the twenty-seventh date. give her official predecessor It was revealed Delia Duran is going home Cinecitt√† to meet her husband again Alex “Face to face foreverWho would expect that though Clear He will leave Gf to be reunited with his wife, however, he will be disappointed.

The always-informed Twitter profile of monster agent A few hours into the live broadcast revealed a delicious anticipation.

“Alex is not going to give up, everything is designed to create suspense and keep viewers engaged. In confession he made a technical phone call, even with ciccio to receive new directions. No disciplinary action for Sully Sorge.”

Regarding the nickname “Ciccio”, the identity of Fabrizio Corona, which is a frequent name in this edition. yesterday Alex He had the opportunity to contact his family members in the sect but, as he himself said, No response was received from anyone. Clear He added that the only person who answered was “the plumber,” apparently hiding the real name of the mysterious person who called him at the confession center. Precisely after this lack of support from family and friends, Alex announced that he was frustrated with his desire to leave Big Brother’s House.

Meanwhile, the now famous Emilian actor allowed himself to go to the other curtains Sulli who had a passionate kiss and an angry fight immediately after.

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