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Alps Hockey League, Asiago company in Slovenia. The Alps will be dedicated on Tuesday to Odegar – FISG

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Italian defending champion Migros Asiago won the fourth final race in Jesenice by 4:2 and postponed any decision on referring the Alps to the fifth and final challenge of the series scheduled for Odegar, Tuesday, 20:30. .

Asiago serves on goal Luca Stefan who replaced Gianluca Valini, who was injured 10 minutes from the end of the third race. In front of the house of 4000 spectators The fourth match starts live with the first recording of Iacobilis Lugar. Jesenis takes the lead after just 29 seconds into the central period, but Asiago is good at staying in the game and then tying with Michel Marchetti, right in the middle of the race And after he missed a previous penalty with Salinetri. In the third inning, Asiago is doing everything he can to take the initiative with a strong pressure towards Fruberg’s goal and almost switching with the best men. This step has implications Because the All Alpine MVP Network arrives, Anthony Salinitri when 7 minutes left When you hear the third beep. Then the last moments Until the editorial goal 4: 2, with an empty net, by Captain Magnapusco when 44 seconds left in the match. The series is now 2:2 and on Tuesday in Asiago the Grand Final of the Cross-Border Championship.

Asiago has to win if they want to force the final series into the decisive match 5. In the unfortunate third match, on the ice at Odegar’s house, the Slovenes won 4:1 thanks to a concrete third time. Specifically, in today’s last match, the Venice team had to abandon Gianluca Valini due to injury, on the 50th, who was replaced, on Thursday, last night, by Luca Stefan. For the rest, the two teams present themselves with the same effects as the last match with the addition of Sasu Rajsar in the ranks of the hosts.

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Asiago in this game 4 seems to be one of the first two games, disciplined and able to put a high and steady pace of ice play against Jesenice who always remains very compact and cynical. After a bountiful 5 minutes, Vicenza players took the lead with a touch from Iacopeles (06:35) who managed to take the advantage of the host. However, the Slovenes do not take long to return everything evenly: after 5 minutes, like this, Lugar crosses the disc well by putting him under seven Leaving Innocent Luca Stefan in stone (11:55). The race remains fun, even with some heavy hits, with star players leading the game but without finding themselves too much against an opponent waiting despite the ice at home, but ready to attack when the opportunity presents itself. At the first siren all at rest on 1-1.

In the second period, he underwent the cold shower of the stars. Just 29 seconds later, the sudden Balkan feature appeared. Pence wins a disc at the exit of the Asiago region and serves the Finn’s Elo, Very quick to put the dial in the middle of Stefan’s leggings. Asiago struggles but doesn’t give up, also because the game becomes angular and fragmented, with too few spaces available to be really dangerous around Froberg. After 27 minutes there is a first chance for Salinitri to equalize but the penalty kickawarded after a foul by Lugar on Salinitri himself, againstSaved by Froberg (27′). M.Too little time passed and I found Michel Marchetti 2-2 (30:58) with a shot out of the blue that brought the entire Vicenza squad back to the surface. The last bars of the second half were pretty enthusiastic, even if Asiago failed to capitalize on a Powerplay and a double minor against Ulamec to come back up front in the score. In the minutes of supremacy, in fact, the star-studded team looks a bit tired and above all fails to highlight that Brio who, instead, showed the Giallorossi in 5 against 5. Record that in the second siren he still sees the two formations in par (2 : 2).

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The third period with the guests who do not give up They try to increase the pace of play against an opponent who is waiting and trying to hit for a throw-in. The two coaches follow the changes of the lines, so that the quality of the maneuver does not decrease, with chances that both sides do not lack, even if with some mistakes. Stefan is a racing agent and does a great tong rescue when the Pance lands. On the other hand, Froberg’s double tackle against Gillati is perhaps his most dangerous attacking area throughout the match, especially in terms of intensity. Six minutes from the end, the Vicenza players were back in front: the best player in all the Alps, Anthony Salinistri, got a superb pass from Iacobilis and Fruberg cold with a deadly stone for the Gillorossi 3-2 (53:14). Immediately Asiago must face superiority over the hosts but that has no effect.

The last minutes of the match with the Vicenza players were very visible in their maneuvering and in managing the puck, and when the Slovenian coach Zubancic chooses to play with the extra man of movement on the ice. The Paraso boys defend themselves and score with captain Magnapusco, with an empty net, in the final 4-2 that returns the series to Odegar.

Photo from Serena Fantini’s page

Alpine Hockey League – Playoff – Final – Match 4 – Best of Five – April 16, 2022 –

HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice – Migross Supermarkets Asiago Hockey 2:4 (1:1; 1:1; 0:2)
3950 spectators
0:1 ASH Iacobellis S. (06:35 / Salinitri A., Parini G. / EQ)
1:1 JES Logar M. (11:55 / Zibelnik A., Pance E. / EQ)
2:1 JES Elo E. (20:29 / Pance E., Viikila J. / EQ)
2:2 ASH Marchetti M. (30:58 / Iacobellis S. / EQ)
2:3 ASH Salinitri A. (53:14 / Magnabosco J., Iacobellis S. / EQ)
2:4 ASH Magnabosco J. (59:22 / Casetti L., Salinitri A. / EQ)
froberg or . (59:00 / 38 shots against / 3 goals against / 3.1 GAA)
Stephen L. (60:00 / 29 shots against / 2 goals against / 2.0 GAA)
Jesenice composition: Zibelnik A., Logar M., Urukalo Z., Brus N., Scap L., Planko D., Jakupovic A., Sirovnik N. / Pance E., Viikila J., Elo E., Svetina E. , Sotlar J., Ulamec L., Glavic G., Rajsar P., Jenko J., Krmelj M., Sersen G., Rajsar S.
Training Asiago / Cassetti, Genetti C, Forte F, Gius G, Parini G, Miglioranzi E, Lefort E, Rigoni F / Gilliati S, Mantenuto dei, Marchetti M, Salinitre A. , Magnabosco J., Iacobellis S., Vankus M., Stevan M., Finoro G., Rigoni F., Tessari M., Zampieri S.

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