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The thirteenth sports meeting for the disabled: the torch procession, basketball and hockey competitions

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ovada. On the evening of Friday, May 12, the torch relay of the Ovada Sports Clubs took place in the streets of the city center, which participated in the 13th Paralympic Meeting “Memorial Giorgio Giacobbi” organized by the Ovada Lions Club (President Ivana Nervi).

And so the torch was able to travel the streets of Ovada after three years of hiatus due to the pandemic. It’s exciting to see the boys of Ovadis Ormej athletics with friends Zenito and San Domenico roaming the city center carrying the torch with proud sportsmanship.

On the morning of Saturday, May 13, the Paralympic meeting moved to Madre Pies’ large gymnasium where basketball and hockey games were held. The first was attended by two teams representing the Ligurian sector. in the second, Genoa boys from Aquil Azzurri against Magic Torino; An exciting race with lots of goals and karts at a speed of 15 km/h. Among others, Ovada’s Gabriele Lanza, of the Paralympic national ice hockey team and Turin club player “Sport de Peche Tore Sidotti” were on the sidelines.

In the stands were many young people from the day center “Lo Zainetto” and the residential complex “San Domenico”, where no athletics competitions were held because the athletics track of Polisportivo Geirino is currently unusable due to ongoing renovations.

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