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Calcio RSM, Cosmos and Tri-Ben in the sprint

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Six days before the end of the regular season, The race for the Scudetto is looking more and more like a two-way sprint between Cosmos and Tre Penne. La Fiorita, six points away and with one game more than the leaders, will need a miracle to be among the favorites and risk tomorrow slipping into fourth place if Tre Fiori overtakes Folgore on a Montecchio synthetic.

It was in Fonte dell’Ovo that Big win for Trey Penne against Fiorentino, which was definitely in the game for an hour of gameplay. to Feature Luca Ciccaroliwho freezes bianchi in a quarter of an hour, The usual Tarsani replies Four minutes later, he took advantage of a loose ball in the opponent’s area after Molinari hit the crossbar. Tre Penne has the power to bring his mind back to half an hour Jaythat was found Alone in front of the empty door After Badlassie’s header crashed on a cross. In the second half, the City striker fails to score a penalty kick Baretta does not forgive his head In a corner by Righini. Nothing compared to the spin that, during the first minute of extra time, allows the centre-back to double his personal tally – this time from a corner kick by Sebele. Before the finish, a sprint at the break on the Gai-Pieri axis, with the latter providing the most comfortable balls Cauterucci, who makes Tre Penne poker super special.

The universe also exists which offers a test of substance and character against Domagnano on the ball. Berardi’s Gialoverde is adept at opening it up in the first half with Fifteenth place from Prandelli, being able to get an accurate angle by Pastorelli at the near corner. By reducing Simoncini’s goal risk to a minimum, the Cosmos also build up other scoring opportunities, taking advantage of the first goal early in the second half that allows Zoli to Brand 2-0. Eriko misses the triple penalty while in the finalFerraro kicked out More Domagnano’s poor attempts to get back in the game.

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balancedalthough not technically exceptional, Domagnano Challenge between Libertas and La Fiorita. And he broke the balance with a penalty kick, which Parlavante won in the 27th minute. From the puck Emiliano Olsese does not forgive And for La Fiorita, the whole race is uphill. However, Manfredini’s men held on to the game, coming close to equalizing in the 68th minute with Vitayuli. The San Marino striker hit Zavoli’s right in the middle. Citizen is more accurate Daniel Rinaldiwho controls the development of a corner in the penalty area and from a tight corner he nails the extreme bomb b Left-handed with great power decides the final score at 1-1. A tie that held up into the last remainder of the match, Ten Libertas faced off to knock out Minguchi. The men of Sprindio will return to the field on Tuesday night (Montecchio, 21:15) to play the second half of the match against the Cosmos, suspended due to snow at the end of the first half with Serravalle leading 1-0.

To complete the picture of progress, the Fireworks 4-2 between Virtus and Cailungo. The afternoon seemed to be on the horizon for Bizzotto’s men, who at the quarter-hour mark were already leading 2-0 due to Doves flicker affiliate Penalty converted by Buonocunto. Cailungo had the strength to get back on track, relying on a Excellent caniniA wonderful right foot from a distance of twenty meters is punished by the opposite rear guard, very negative in these circumstances. In a daring fashion, Virtus finds a way to get back to a safe distance, with a Buonocunto cross inside the penalty area Benincasa slingshot started in the division. The Bologna striker did not manage to touch the ball, and Elia Benedettini, who sneered at the crossbar, deceived his desperate attempt to clear the ball from the goal. Statistically, the goalkeeper scored an own goal one minute into the first half. In the second half, Cailungo has a great chance to get back on track. The 70th minute turned around when Benincasa managed to clear Marinaro’s shot from the edge of the area in an unorganized manner with a wide arm. As for the ruling, it is Penalty and punishment, the second against Benincasa Which leaves Virtus at ten and allows a fangs to find the personal propwith a centralized solution. However, the efforts of the Protea boys do not bear fruit Virtus strikes again on the Buonocunto-Angeli axis. She located the cross from the back first, the striker’s tenacious punch left no way out for Elia Benedettini and saw Neroverdi’s 12th league win.

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